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A Treatment Guaranteed To Reduce Stress And Address Insomnia

Increasingly over the years I keep meeting more and more people who suffer from deep uncontrollable anxieties and insomnia, with myself being one of those people, I was able to deeply empathise.I suffered from insomnia for 7 whole years that when the joyous day arrived and I slept for 5 whole hours, I literally thought I died and gone to heaven.

It was when I finally decided to follow my ultimate dream and begin my human balance experiment that I came across the very reason why I suffered insomnia – in one word “STRESS”.

Now some of us, and myself included again, might reason but I live a healthy balanced life, I inject a bit of this and a bit of that, I go on a month long holiday and I still cannot sleep and experience terrifying anxieties, in fact when I am on that said month holiday I didn’t even sleep those one/two hours per night because I was too busy trying to live every minute of my holiday in its absolute fullest, before I get back to my normal hectic and depressing lifestyle back home.  Although my lifestyle could never be termed depressing, in fact it was anything but, except when you’re living it, it is not quite the same as when you are standing on the outside looking in.

No matter how amazing our life might be, if you are not sleeping the reason is stress and that stress is coming from the pressure of your lifestyle, in striving to gain it, maintain it, flaunting it, living it and forever chasing it.  A human being is far too busy thinking about bills, holidays, kids, relationships, shopping, needs, health, family, friends and chasing the dream, which is power, influence, money and social status.

So what is missing from that list?

The wellbeing of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, they are always left on the back burner, always tomorrow you will take care of it and give it some attention, never a priority or one of them too much of a priority that it becomes an unhealthy obsession. Yet even when they get a little attention, it is never in a healthy balanced proportion or even close to enough to make the necessary difference and allow for sufficient stress and tension release from the body, emotions, mind and spirit.  Therefore, the stress levels begin to increase, until all the worries and fears consume our every waking hour and stop us from sleeping to stress about them a little more, stress becomes part of our consciousness to the point that we do not realise that we are a walking stress ball, suddenly anxiety steps in to add a little more flavour to our already full plate of unhealthy living.

Some of us work so hard and our hectic lifestyle is so ingrained into our mental awareness that we cannot just let it all go, release, relax and live.  For such individuals certain key treatments are vital to be effective for the release of as much of the built up tension and stress as possible.  The treatment must be so profound that it would unblock and move along trapped tension in muscles and blocked energy from over work and stress with little or no sleep.  It must be effective enough to allow for deep relaxation and emotional relief to induce a few hours of decent sleep.

Pranassage is such a treatment; Pranassage is massage through yoga, not only does it allow for the introduction of deep yogic postures that realigns the body, grounds the body by releasing the tension and stress effectively, but it also imposes one and half hours of correct breathing for the entire body to be oxygenated during the treatment.  Pranassage is without a doubt the most effective form of stress and tension release that I had ever encountered with even more rewarding benefits with continuous application, a session of Pranassage a couple of hours before an early night sleep will make you feel like a new human being the next day guaranteed.

For a person who does not make time for a healthy balanced lifestyle, 2-3 sessions of Paranssage a week will literally work miracles for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, reducing stress, tension and insomnia significantly, which in turn will ensure that one is more productive, creative and alert.

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