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The Calm Within The Storm

Calm Within The Storm

Sometimes a storm appears on our path, threatening us as it provokes a feeling of loneliness and darkness.  As a result we feel misunderstood and confused, suddenly finding ourselves drowning in a sea of negativity,  confronted by crossroads, which we cannot even see past the fog of our fears and doubts.

How often has each one of us experienced such storms of change that turn our world upside down?  Yet a powerful storm is indeed a gift – if only we knew!  A storm born from within or from our environment of experience is a cosmic gift for everything to be turned upside down for a hidden and valuable life changing truth to appear.

If we reacted in a panic with deep anxiety over the presence of the storm, we would be too preoccupied with our own fears to see the earth shattering truth that would allow us to choose correctly a new destined path.

There is an Art to becoming the Calm Within The Storm, for serenity, balance and measured silence are the very skills of an aware human being who understands that weathering any storm will turn one stronger, more determined and focused.  Yet once the storm has passed, the light will shine on the new reality and the correct choice that was chosen at the crossroads.

An AwakeConBal practitioner is dedicated to awakening the human multidimensional layers in order to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to become The Calm Within The Storm.To understand that nothing can ever touch you without your permission, nothing can ever influence you without your permission and to learn the art of becoming the calm within the storm is a gift that only you can give to yourself.

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