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I Practised Yoga But I Was Unable To Continue, Why?


Some people would say that yoga is not for everyone; AwakeConBal’s philosophy is that the opposite is in fact true; it is absolutely for everyone.

Through experience it has been observed that those who oppose the practise of yoga, whether violently or reluctantly, suffer from deep-rooted issues that the mental body does not wish to address. 

It is not that one has not connected to the practise of yoga; it is that your mental body connected very well, immediately calculating an approaching danger from the emotional body if the practised was to be continued.  There is also another more common reason, the mental body realises that through the practise of yoga it will begin to lose absolute control (in essence share control) to something unknown.  As such a defensive retaliation against the practise is motivated by the fear of the unknown taking control internally, of course this is not true, if one wishes to continue practising yoga then one must continuously command the mental body to calm down by focusing on the breathing and in being in the present moment of experience.  In doing so the mental body will eventually give up the struggle to resist the experience and allow the rest of the multidimensional layers to begin sharing the control with the mental body. 

The process of quieting the mind is not an easy one and it will take time before the mental body will release absolute control and begin to enjoy the experience without reservation. 

However in regards to the dangers of suppressed issues that the mental body might not be ready to confront and deal with, one must tread very carefully.  The practitioner will know the difference between the two examples listed here, if the practitioner feels that the retaliation against continuing the practise of yoga is resulting from issues suppressed deeply within the emotional body, do not stop your practise, for it is more then ever imperative to continue.  However be very conscious of your yoga practise, focusing only on gentle self awakening yoga, and informing your teacher of any emotional or mental struggle that might confront you during the practise, in order for the teacher to walk you through healing the experience.

It is not a matter of forcing yourself to practise yoga even though the mental body is retaliating; it is a matter of convincing your mental body that it must allow the experience in order to understand, self heal and then release the situation.

If one continues to practise in the manner suggested to command and calm the mental body, the end results will be immensely rewarding, so do try to quieten the mind so your entire being may benefit.

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How May I Prefect My Yoga?


The most beautiful of all are those who are flawed; similarly the most perfect of all perfections is the imperfection.  It is the imperfections that give the real definition to beauty.

Yoga is not about being perfect or the best, yoga is about being present and in the NOW, if the mental body is allowed to contemplate perfect postures, then it is no longer practising yoga, it is practising the art of vanity.

A yoga flow is an experience of adventuring into a journey of self-discovery, but if the mental body’s preoccupation is focused on beauty and perfectionism, then none of the yoga benefits will be reached through the practise for the practise is not being applied correctly.

Yoga is the experience of your physical body extending itself into postures that would allow the organs to stretch and breath, to relax and calm and to reach further into self-awareness.  By doing so, the emotional body will do the same and so will the mental body; therefore there are absolutely no perfect postures or even a perfect flow.

In yoga the physical body is constantly encouraged to flow in whichever direction and stretch in whichever way it may please, for the simple reason of experiencing itself through movement.

Are there any awakened yoga retreats that focuses wholly on connecting and balancing the multidimensional self?

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How Is Yoga Beneficial To My Child?

Phil_Benefits Of Child Yoga

The first question that a non-practising parent might ask is, “What is Yoga?”Yoga is one of the oldest practises that teaches you how to understand yourself and your universe (environment), how to connect to yourself and your universe, how to heal yourself and your universe, how to evolve within yourself and your universe, how to balance yourself and your universe and how to control yourself and your universe all through love, nurturing, kindness, understanding and compassion.  The latter is but an overview of the fundamental points of yoga, although as one begins to practise, each practitioner in turn will discover many more elements, benefits and attributes of yoga that would reflect in ones daily life, which would succeed to uplift, motivate and bring further awareness to better oneself in most areas of ones life, to bring forth their highest potential.Yoga is essentially a spiritual practise but one that had been adopted across the globe into almost every culture and way of life, which over thousands of years had become imbedded in a multitude of cultures that today the natives of each culture are unaware that their way of life has roots in the philosophy of yoga.

The widespread of yogic lifestyle and philosophy is now causing a worldwide awakening and the acceptance of its philosophies alongside the worldwide embracing of yoga serves only to support that yoga is in the heart of every human being because it is a practise that resonate true in its preaching.

Yoga is not simply a blind faith that perhaps it is true or perhaps it is not, asking its practitioner to take a leap of faith and wait for the hereafter for results.  Yoga will produce results from the day you being to practise and if you continue to practise it will produce even better results and allow the practitioner to reach deeper and literally taste, smell, touch, hear and see the relative truth through experience and through daily life.

The best gift you can ever give yourself or your child is Yoga and if you do not, then explore the children who grew up as practitioners of yoga and what they had become and achieved as a result of their practise.

The benefits To Your Child:

The Physical Body – will be agile, healthy, flexible, all organs will function to a higher healthier capacity, organs will grow strong, resilient with more output, body will be relaxed, calm and stress free, no growing pains, less or no trips to the doctor for yoga aids in self healing, stronger and more flexible joints and muscles, strong healthy bones, no tension and a balanced body.

The Emotional Body – is active through breathing (breath body), learn how to breath properly, allowing all organs and every atom in the body to breath, stable, calm and balanced emotions and emotional reactions to any given situation, controlled emotional body, highly active intuition, high consciousness of self, others and environment, high empathy with others and environment (universe), increases awareness and compassion, awakening ones emotional body to teach self empowerment, self discipline and manipulation of inner power, a profound understanding in the emotional experiences of others and universe.  Most importantly a carefree, easy going and unaffected manner that is open and easy to connect to and befriend.

Mental Body (ego personality) – is for most people the most active of all layers in the human being and in Yoga this area will be the most beneficial, a substantial increase in creativity, intelligence, self awareness, focus, self discipline, determination/tenacity, problem solving, visual analyses (abstract, intuitive or conceptual), imagination to manifestation, intent, commitment, memory and storing of memory, the judgement, evaluation and reasoning (analyses) of any given social or environmental circumstance or situation, hyper alertness, decision making, comprehension of intensely complex social, scientific and environmental situations or circumstances, balance of self image and character internally to externally, an awakened sense of purpose and drive.  But most importantly due to the fact that the child will practise yoga from as earlier an age as possible, this increase does not stop if the practise of yoga does not stop, it grows with the growth of the child, further expanding brain activity with emotional activity and increased physical strength and stamina –will ensure that your child will surpass anything humanly imagined possible of these area to grow and expand into, sending your child to a new level of consciousness, awareness and being that would accredit them with the possible title of “child prodigy” in their own chosen area of expertise.

Please note that for this to occur as stated the child must practise yoga on daily basis and be engaged and involved in the practise with dedicated intention and not forced into practise.

Spiritual Body (higher self/soul) – for some parents this can be a sore subject, a taboo subject, something not believed in or something absolutely believed in.  Whatever the belief system that a parent wish to incorporate into the mental awareness of a child –I believe every human being must believe that there is such a thing as a creative force that evolved into its present state, whatever each human being or culture may wish to call it, some like to call it mother nature and others may call it God, both donate the presence of a force that created our present reality no matter what one may wish to call it.

In yogic philosophy every human being must be open to all possibilities as a witness to experience every possibility without restricting oneself on any level to better absorb and analyse new information appropriately in order to evolve.

The spiritual body is that, that looks beyond itself for the connection to everything and all, it gives the human being a sense of deep connection in self awareness, self control, self esteem, self confidence, self purpose and self worth.  It is knowingness, a deep and profound knowingness of its purpose and its role as the character that it wishes to be and evolve into our society at large.  It grounds our mental, emotional and physical bodies into the reality, it defines them, it has the absolute control of its own evolution and it is connected to the force that encompasses the entire cosmos, for the cosmos and it are the one and the same energy.

The higher self is all knowing and the connection to the higher self through yoga would allow the practitioner a balanced, healthy and fulfilling existence that surpasses the gratification of any material reality –for this deep and profound connection will allow the practitioner to follow through their destined path without ever feeling lost or confused about which direction their life might be heading and why.  This is the ultimate gift for any human being, if the parent gave their child the most important tool to self-discovery, development, growth and mental evolution that is constant and far reaching, what more could anybody ask for?  After all who wouldn’t want to know who they are intimately and without reservation, where they are going and how to get there without doubt or confusion –if we all had that in our youth, where would we be today?

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