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Are We Bystanders To Injustice?


How one views ones own created universe by ones own manifesting machine (mind) is ultimately our contribution to society, humanity, environment and the universe/cosmos at large.

No matter what our leaders, whether seen or unseen, our governments and all those in authority might entice and induce us to act and behave as part of a network within a given society; any and all choices inevitably is only down to the individual and the universe the individual chooses to create and live within.  If one allows themselves to be swayed into behaving and taking action that is questionable to their ethics, morals and way of being, ultimately it was ones choice to be swayed and therefore it was ones choice to create the universe that such a choice would create as a consequence.

If a person decides to get drunk and drive, fully aware that drinking dulls the senses and as such will render the person incapable of making clear life dependent decisions in a moment of emergency, in the process killing another human being.  It therefore was the choice of the individual to drive whilst drunk knowing that should an accident occur, someone may end up dead.

The knowledge is clear, the choice is crystal clear and the consequence of such a choice creating negative impact on ones personal universe is unquestionable.

Making a choice such as drink driving might be appealing because it is risky and breaking the law to some might be attractive.  However, our universe is created by our choices, and those choices affect the universes that collide or intertwine with our own, such as family, friends and all those who may cross our path.

Yet most choices are not so clear and most choices are made due to social pressures and norms that impose themselves in ones life, so if one does not stand their ground, one may start drifting with the crowd like a sheep in a herd.

It is not the system that one should fight, nor a way of life that is different then our own, if we see injustice we do not have to rise against those who are unjust, nor do we have to stand up and fight something we do not completely understand because someone told us that we ought to, or showed us films and pictures of injustice so we may go to war and send our precious future generations to war.

Before we take action that might be foolish or be more harm then good, one must first stop and think, how injustice came into being.  If we are witnessing injustice, what we are witnessing is not a present moment; we are witnessing a consequence of collective choices born from intentional ideas that resulted from society’s neglect to stop and think.  So if everyone around you is either for or against injustice as it is happening, then the best action one can take in such a scenario is to stop and think.

A great change, a lasting change, a change that will stand the test of time, a change that will be immersed in positive humanitarian qualities, a change that will create an impact that will push human evolution does not come through force, anger and negative emotional drives.

If one has reached a threshold of desiring change, needing change and calling for change, whether this change is born from injustice on our planet, inhumane treatments in different parts of our planet, boredom with our daily life, a feeling of loss and confusion, fed up with our society, technology, modern way of living or being –whatever has triggered your mind into action to change, then the change one ought to seek is only the change that must happen from within.

Each human being is one universe, reflecting our own cosmos with its infinite galaxies and universes, if a human being wishes to make a change to their way of life, environment or simply stand up to injustice –then that human being must start by taking a self discovery journey to understand how to reach and become that change.  If one starts with the change from within, it will impact their entire universe, which in turn will impact all other intertwined universes to either inspire them to do the same or follow in the pattern of the star (YOU) that calls for that change in its orbit of experience.  Thus this change will then reflect out, further expanding to include more and more universes with time, introducing a subtle but highly effective ripple of positive change that begins with you, but will cover the entire ocean of universes that cross its path.

If one truly wishes to do something about injustice, then start with yourself, leave the result of humanity’s collective negative choices to play itself out, for after all let us not forget that Karma must work to balance all forces in our cosmos.   For every action there is a reaction and for every choice there is consequence, and no body can escape the fate of negative intentions.  If there is injustice, crimes, abuse or a social sickness that is eating away our humanity then we are all to blame.  Every single human being on this planet is to blame and no one is exempted, unless one is working hard to negate this negative cycle by working on oneself to better evolve into all that makes an individual a real human being with an awakened awareness.

To begin the change through a self-discovery journey is not an easy task or path to take, it is far easier to stand up and fight.  To start with the change from within, means to show incredible courage, focus and determination, only then can the journey unfold to help create and build the new foundations for a great change, a change that will touch the lives of anybody who may come across it.

One would not be standing by and doing nothing when injustice is carried out before ones eyes, one makes the greatest impact if one focused on oneself to change the injustice in the world through beginning with number one; yourself.

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