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Refined Sugar

Be very aware of beautiful expensive sites, backed by government bodies that promote health and are specifically designed to give peace of mind in order for consumers to continue consuming the dangerous products that may very well keep the country’s economy and industry healthy at the determent of your own health and that of you family.  Here is a perfect example of such a site, clever and beautifully written to squash any doubt regarding processed sugars being highly addictive (specifically to children) and in being a major contributor to the growth of most terminal illnesses, specifically cancer.

Especially interesting is the repetitive sentence that the body burns all sugars the same way!  Except the failure to mention that natural sugars as found in vegetables and fruits contain fibre, which allows the body to slowly breakdown and burn natural sugars that the body needs, while digesting the sugar more efficiently without spiking the insulin sugar levels in your blood, which is the very cause of diabetes.

Note how the question is answered regarding processed sugar, if you keep to the recommended dose then one should not have a problem.  Perhaps as adults and for those of us that exercise a strong sense of daily discipline can keep track of sugar consumption in all our foods, guessing where appropriate which of the sugars can be deemed natural or not.  However children until as late as 10 years will not be able to show such restraints with sugar, which according to how much their brain and body burns on daily average, will induce them only to crave sugar that would be readily available to them without supervision and way above the recommended dosage that would keep them safe from contracting diabetes.
Especially if diabetes already runs in the family, which will render the child more likely to contract it quicker, therefore any site that recommends that one should eat sugar in moderation, only means it is a site advertising pro sugar to induce you to continue being a sugar consumer.   (Click On Image For Example Of The Latter Site)


Advertisements All Pro Sugar

With such advertisements that circulated for decades persuading mums to feed their children sugar, allowing for a few generations to evolve believing that sugar is not bad for you and safe for children, it would make the task of correcting such ideas for the new generations extremely hard, especially considering that everything we eat outside our homes probably includes sugar in one form or another.  While references to sugar in media and by society in general allows sugar to be readily accessible to our young growing children.   This in turn makes the job of extracting this harmful substance from the children’s food intake all the more difficult for aware parents.

If one wishes to know the real story behind processed sugar from its birth to present day, then please take a moment to read these articles, which will give you an idea of the dangers of eating processed sugars

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