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How May I Evolve My Conduct?


“Do onto others as you would have them do onto you…”

Wisdom body/higher self is the governing layer of the human being that in AwakeConBal philosophy we believe had shaped your past, present and your future.  Therefore it is the wisdom body/higher self that inspires us to be our better selves, it attracts people, situations and circumstances into our sphere of experience (our universe) to either open our mind to new possibilities, indirectly provide us with an answer we seek or influence us into necessary action.

Evolved conduct requires the individual to acquire an awakened aware attitude in order to recognise the important role of the wisdom body, if the individual is blindly unaware of all the signs and messages sent by the wisdom body then a sense of loss and confusion begin to breed within the mental body, creating an internal imbalance through negative emotions and motivations that eventualhumanityphilosophyly extends externally.

An extended prolonged state of confusion and loss will lead to narrow mindedness, state of emotional despair that taints everything in the individual’s universe causing havoc and chaos born from an imbalance in the multidimensional layers.  The latter may resonate with some as they recognise a similar pattern in their own universe, if so this does not readily signify that one is past help.  It does signify however that through recognising and acknowledge a possible negative pattern that has the damaging potential of regressing your life’s potential, character and infinite possibilities to then take the necessary steps to bring your being back into balance through an awakened aware attitude.

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