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I Disagree With This Philosophy, How May One Prove It’s True?


It is every human beings right to disagree and have strong valid reason as to why?  The truth is relative and is only a matter of opinion, an opinion that would have been drawn from personal knowledge and life experiences, therefore even though one can support a relative truth during a present moment, but tomorrow more realisations can render the present truth completely invalid, so in truth nothing is concrete.

One may choose to believe in another man’s theory of the truth regarding the philosophy of life, after all it all depends on ones own truth and personal journey, perhaps one man’s truth is another man’s lie, but that doesn’t make it any less truthful or any more so.  That is the beauty of philosophy for it reflects the intricacies of life in how simple and yet intensely complex it can be.

As a yoga teacher’s teacher, to create the lifestyle philosophy program called ‘AwakeConBal’ gave me great pleasure.  A lifestyle that was born from yogic philosophy and life views of the past few thousand years of accumulative experiences and information.

AwakeConBal Lifestyle is also born from personal experiences and knowledge that came to pass through many hours of meditation, contemplation and research.  Yet still every single person who entries the journey of self-discovery, their own truth will shine through and new realisations will be born that will lead them onto the path they were destined to walk.

Philosophies breed truths regarding every thought, movement and being in our individual universe and collective universe, however such theories could never come to light if we sat and did nothing.  The only way one can prove if a statement is true or not, is to try the experience and see for oneself if the ideas suggested were indeed true or just a figment of the imagination.  Always keeping in mind that every human truth can be empathised by many and not at all by others.

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