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How May I Reach My Forth And Fifth Multidimensional Layers?


There is a process to reach profound awakened state of consciousness and awareness.  If you have been skirting around the concept of a soul/higher self and had taken the initiative to research and discover more about what it is and how one may connect to it, then reaching it through one of the AwakeConBal programs will serve this purpose, for the forth at least.

AwakeConBal philosophy is that all human beings are born connected and balanced to all their multidimensional layers.  Therefore it is their upbringing, education and environment that disconnects them, in essence if one begins to reconnect their multidimensional layers, then reaching their forth layer would be an easy enough target.

However like always life is not that simple, for in most cases by this disconnection not only an imbalance occurs but and depending on how badly parenting, education or lack of and environment had damaged each layer in turn, would render the process difficult and painful for most partitioners.

A damaged layer requires time to heal and for healing to take place the person must acknowledge the damage, confront the damage and understand why it happened in the first place, all these factors are very painful processes.  Even if one managed to muster up the courage to face each of these factors, each one in turn take their own time before you can reach the end result.

At AwakeConBal we will not sugar coat the process for you in order for you to sign up and pay money for a quick fix.  To reach your inner power in order to empower yourself, gain natural confidence that nothing can shake and be a master of your own destiny –it will require hard work, courage, patience, tenacity and absolute belief in the path you had chosen.  There is no quick fix in this matter, it took years for that damage to take root, and it will take you years for that same damage to be uprooted.  The only comfort we can assure you at AwakeConBal that if you commit yourself 100%, it will be your higher self that will step in to save you from that process by reducing the time through enlightening to your truth that much sooner.

For those who are absolute beginners in yoga and wish to explore their own spirituality further to experience their own truth in this area, then we strongly recommend that you start with gentle hatha yoga, even if one does not wish to participate in the AwakeConBal program, please ensure that you start with Hatha beginners’ yoga.  If one attempts to jump ahead of the necessary process it might result in the damage to one or more of the layers to increase.

Yoga is a journey into self discovery and must be allowed the time and patience to awaken each layer in turn, as a practitioner you must allow the time to understand and confront each life challenge and issue as and when they may surface and when your mental layer (body) is ready to acknowledge them and work through them.

If one jumps ahead in the process and does not take the time to awaken their multidimensional layers gradually, then issues will surface that has long been forgotten and will shock your system into realisation, if one is mentally unprepared to confront such issues, it could have devastating effects to your entire being as a result, leaving one in a much worst state then before.

To reach the fifth layer takes a whole lifetime of spiritual work and dedication, and a whole lifetime does mean your entire life from beginning to end.  Starting from as young as four years of age, so that by third stage of childhood (20-30) the third and forth layer would be very active and surpasses the best of any human mental activity that when one enters the second stage of adulthood (40-50) most would have experienced their bliss body.  The latter is achieved once a detachment of the self from all material and worldly attachment and once a life had been spent divided between simple servitude to the environment and mankind, with weeks of endless meditative state of being.  The latter is based on the experience of some of the far eastern Monks who reached bliss body in the manner suggested here.

Although there are many different applications of achieving the same results from many different cultures and life philosophies that had searched and reached blissful state.

The bottom line is the same, to reach the fifth layer of blissful body is the best of rewards, but not everyone is destined for that path, for it is a lifetime of servitude to fellow man and the universe without once indulging the self.  A calling of such a servitude can never be mistaken or shaken off from ones consciousness –the forth layer of such a person would already be highly active and working hard to ensure that the mind follow suit.  More interestingly, the other monks will know you were born and will come looking for you to join them, it all sounds a little surreal, but believe it or not, I had the pleasure of meeting such a person while on my own journey of self discovery.

He was a little boy and Tibetan monks had come to visit his parents before he was four years of age to inform them of his destiny.

However, operating with the forth layer active and in balance with all other multidimensional layers will still be just as rewarding and fulfilling, the difference between the two is simply more human skills and capabilities, which will not be missed for they will not be needed for everyday life.  Yet the inner power and self empowerment, the knowledge and connection, the contentment and confidence that the activation of the higher self will bring forth into your life will be more than enough to make your life a wonderfully beautiful new adventure, making every moment worth living and worth living well.

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Awakened Meditations: Learn The Path To True Power


To learn the practise and philosophy of meditation and apply the discipline and patience necessary to reap its benefits would be one of the most powerful and excellent tools for any human being.

Meditation can be likened to the act of prayer; the correct application of prayer can produce similar results to that of meditation.  In point of fact if one learnt how to practise the art of meditation correctly, then one would be performing prayers and applying their intentions correctly.

Prayer can be viewed and applied as a movement meditation, this correlation was discovered while on a personal intensive journey of self-discovery, both applications were part of the daily routines to better balance and understand the multidimensional layers.  Though both will yield similar personal results/goals/aims, both serve very different purposes, a prayer is the act of acknowledging all positives and negatives in ones life, repenting the negatives and being grateful for the positives, while attempting to communicate with the higher creative forces that might be able to aid or guide ones plight on the earthly plane.

Meanwhile, meditations calls forth ones own inner power, which can also be regarded as a higher creative force that is connected to the universal/cosmic network of higher creative forces.  However, meditation applies ones own cosmic experience that springs forth from ones forth and fifth layers that aid and guide us through ones path on the earthly plane.

Note that both practises requires the body, emotion and mind (subsequently the ego personality/character) to acknowledge the existence of a higher creative force, whether internally or externally, for both would be regarded as one, as both are the one and the same network of higher creative force that make up the entire cosmos.  In other words, the earthly layers that make up the human being, which are the first three koshas that is the body, breath (emotions) and mind/ego personality (which would include the five senses and sixth sense), must become aware and adhere to the higher existing koshas of the human being, which are unearthly (not of this earth but of the cosmos), which are the forth and fifth layer with its subtle bodies, namely the higher self and the bliss body (which includes the more advanced senses of psychic skills).

In our modern day societies, most operate with the awareness of one or two of their multidimensional layers, completely oblivious to the existence and benefits of the others, some operate with the awareness of three, which often attributes them with above the average intelligence becoming prominent figures of society.  While very few operate with the awareness of four layers, although with the wide spread spiritual awakening that is sweeping the planet, more and more are awakening to their other layers, which previously had never even been acknowledged.

Those who operate from all five are rare of our kind, they do not mix in our polluted societies and they dedicate themselves to those who wish to do the same.  They are spiritually evolved beings and are connected in body, emotion and mind to the higher creative forces that allows them to be what to us is supernatural beings.  One must go in search of such beings, for they do not advertise themselves nor are they easily found, nor do they wish to be found, for if one happens to find one, then one was destined to be the same.

One might wonder and question why do they not make themselves known so they may be an inspiration to others?

The answer might be as simple as if one begins to acknowledge and adhere to the internal higher creative force through awakened meditation, yoga, other spiritual practises and attitude, then it would be the forth layer that is the higher self that would lead you to the path of the fifth, in doing so it will allow you to cross path with a human being who has already reached that state of blissful being.

To reach the fifth layer is not something that can easily be reached in one lifetime, but one must aspire to reach it across many until it is reached.  Although there is some that believe if one started extremely young, then before the end of ones life one may reach it and that by reaching this state of bliss it would allow the person a form of immortality.  A form could be in essence just a very prolonged life on the earthly plane, for we are all in essence immortal.

The correct practise of meditation will unlock a deeper understanding and connection between all multidimensional layers (koshas), connect to internal and external unlimited reservoir of creative potential over ones entire universe.  Meditation requires one to be focused, dedicated and patient for it takes time to reach a state of being where the body, emotion and mind work as one to reach the other two higher internal layers.

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