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Awakened Parent: Embracing The Parent Role

As Humanity Evolve So Does Our Awareness.  This Awareness Bestows Great Power And An Even Greater Responsibility.  This Responsibility Is Not Only To The Self But To The Extension Of Our Self That Will Carry Forth Our Genes, Our Knowledge, Our Heritage And Our Civilisation Into The Future That We Teach As Parents.

The Role Of Parent Had Never Been Contemplated Nor Understood As Much As It Is Today.  An Aware Parent Is One Who Understands And Undertake Their Role As Guides To The Seeds Of Tomorrow’s Generation To The Best Of Their Knowledge And Ability.  For Each Human Becomes An Immortal When They Give Birth To An Extension Of Themselves.
The Greatest Most Magnificent Piece Of Artist Creation That Is  Co-Created Between Two Humans And The Universe, For The Purpose Of Continuation And Evolution.

Universally Trusted With Such An Incredible Gift As A New Life That You As Guide Can Leave Behind Your Imprint Of Your Entire Experience In The Psyche Of This New Creation. 
Would You Then Not Sacrifice Everything To Ensure That Only The Most Beautiful Of Experiences And Characteristics That Embody You Would Be Passed Onto Them.

If You Wrote Your Memoirs For Future Generations To Read, Though You Might Mention Some Faults In Your Character But Would You Fill Every Page With The Worst Of Your Flaws?
Similarly Your Life With Your Child Is Like A Book, Would You Fill Every Page With A Painful Memory?
Or Would You Try Your Very Best To Limit Those Pages To Be Nothing More Than Trivial Human Error?

To Be An Aware Parent Is A Very Painful And Hard Role, Much Harder Then Any Other Parent Who Do Not Seek The Awareness Of Their Role And Lie To Themselves By Saying That They Are Doing The Best They Can.

The Best Is The Best Of Oneself And If You Are Not Living The Best Of Yourself Then You Are Not Doing The Best You Can.  For That Is What It Means To Be An Aware Parent.

Though The Role Is Not Clear Cut And No Parent Can Ever Be The Very Best Parent Nor Can A Parent Be Perfect Without Mistakes, But Your Child Would Observe That You The Parent Is Tenacious And Driven To Always Try To Be The Very Best Of Who You Truly Are.  In Return That Is What You As A Parent (Guide) Will Also Imprint Into Their Psyche To Do The Same, After All Everyone Makes Mistakes For We Are All Human, But To Recognise And Correct The Mistake, Ensuring Not To Repeat It Again, Means That They Would Learn The Valuable Lesson Of Always Striving To Be The Very Best They Can Be.  It Is This Act That Will Ensure The Evolution Of Humanity -Then You May See With Your Own Eyes That The Extension Of You Has Succeeded To Evolve Into A Better Version Of You For The Future Of Tomorrow.

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