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One Is Not Alive If One Is Not Balanced 


Continued From Main Page…These corporation giants did not and do not force any consumers to eat their products, the choice is always left to the consumer.  However, the giants would entice and seduce their consumers through beautiful marketing and advertising campaigns that would work relentlessly to persuade you to eat and use their products.

As such it is imperative that you as the consumer become aware of all and everything that enters your body and do not take anybody’s word for it, especially not doctors.  Also let us not forget that doctors are not nutritionists or food experts and as such they themselves might not even be aware of the dangers of synthetic foods.

AwakeConBal Lifestyles absolutely warns against chicken, for studies in enlightened eating and body suggested that the fat found in the chicken, even when it is boiled still retain a high percentage of its fat, which then accumulates and builds up in the arteries, and this build up eventually blocks the arteries, causing heart disease.

To gain balance in ones daily life in our modern society is extremely hard, for it is no longer a community based caring society but rather each to their own, it is therefore left to the individual to learn, research and seek knowledge to become an awakened aware evolved being.

At AwakeConBal we aim to create a community service where knowledge can be shared with like-minded people who wish to be more informed, aware and evolved individuals part of a new responsible, free thinking and caring social support circle.

We urge our new community of awakened, confident individuals who constantly seek social and daily balance to begin a new era of evolved education and information with the new generations that will lead tomorrow, with our children.

The first step to a balanced society, balanced daily life and a balanced multidimensional selves is a balanced diet, which must be designed with the awareness of all the chemicals in the food that we daily ingest and the possible results of ingesting such food.  If a child is never introduced to such food, and only the healthier alternatives, then a child would not know any different.
There still is a section of our society that is very aware of all the dangers that plague modern social norms, applying the best protection for their children, which is keeping them well informed of such dangers.  These socially aware individuals work together as a community to give their children a supported social environment in order for them to grow strong and healthy.

As such AwakeConBal wishes to build a similar community in London inviting the modern aware and evolved parent to connect through our new Awakened Parent Workshop.
The workshop is designed to help support young and new families to grow healthy and strong within a community of experience and support, without any religious, social or ethnic biased, purely with a quest for knowledge, balance and confidence as an evolved community that promotes wellbeing, compassion and kindness to self as well as all else.

If you believe you are such a person who wish to know more about AwakeConBal lifestyle philosophies, which includes food, social conduct and wellbeing, whether you are single, just married, with a young family or any other category not mentioned, please read some of our blogs or follow some of the links as highlighted on our various pages or on our websites.

Otherwise please feel free to join one of our wellbeing programs or parent workshops to experience it first hand.

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