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AwakeConBal Military Style Bespoke Fitness Retreat 


Intensive military style fitness program guaranteed to whip you into shape with 80% weight loss in the first 8 weeks.  
Package includes one month luxury accommodation and superfood & juice plan, with 6 weeks follow up discipline program that includes specially designed classes and fitness diets.

AwakeConBal trainer as shown in video is a certified Shaolin Monk Master, with full training in China, please be aware this is not for the faint hearted, our program is highly intensive on body, emotion and mental conditioning.

If you wish to see him in action, AwakeConBal is hosting Special Tai Chi Yoga Classes from May-July 2015 at Evolve Wellness Centre (South Kensington) -AwakeConBal Tai Chi Yoga are in high demand, please ensure to book your place to guarantee admission.  Click link below for more info.

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