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What are the long-term benefits of daily yoga practice?

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The original form of yoga is Hatha, but today a variety of many forms were born from Hatha Yoga and developed to target different areas of persons’ life, development and needs. Therefore depending on what type of yoga you intend on practising, each form introduces a variety of benefits. The longer a form is practised, the more centred the practitioner becomes and the more effective are the results and benefits. At the same time if you continue the practise, even after one has reached their aim, it will ensure that the practitioner maintains reaping the benefits it offers, while deepening the connection and application of the practise.

AwakeConBal is one of those forms that were developed to focus on awakening the multidimensional layers, balancing the connection and communication between the layers to allow for self-empowerment that exudes natural confidence. The long term benefits of practising AwakeConBal Yoga will be substantial as it concentrates on reaching your forth layer (higher self), opening emotional blockages, addressing suppressed issues, increasing creativity and open mindedness, but most importantly the forth layer is recognising your inner power and connection to every living organism in the cosmos, in turn that will give birth to your self empowerment and a sense of deep purpose.

In general all forms of Yoga if practised daily will bring about gradually the following benefits and help maintain them:

1. A sense of well being and great health and flexibility in body, emotions and mind.
2. Learning how to control overwhelming emotions, situations and urges as it keeps you centred, calm and serene.
3. A daily release of negativity, stress and tension from the body, emotions and mind, especially if one is in a high pressured career or environment, therefore practising yoga daily will ensure that you have an outlet to release instead of allowing it to build up within you internally.
4. Allows for a deeper understanding and connection to yourself, your needs and your deepest motivational drive, which will enable greater focus, determination and social skills that will serve your highest benefit.
5. Daily yoga will self empower you, giving you increased confidence, self-control and self worth.
6. Allows for a deeper connection to your human traits of empathy and compassion for all creation, increasing deeper appreciation and consideration of your connection to everything that surrounds you from people, situations to environment.
7. Increases the sense of being present and in living in the now, for it will teach you how to live in the present to appreciate the now.
8. Daily yoga awakens your witness body to allow for a most excellent adventure that is your life, with your mind constantly expanding and allowing for new and imaginative information to flow, by opening new directions in thought and state of being.
9. A dedicated long term practise of yoga will teach the practitioner how to self heal, as well as learn the power of manifestation through intent, two powerful tools that can only be reached when the forth layer has been reached and a channel of communication opened.

These are but a few of the main benefits that a daily practise of yoga will yield in the long term. These points are not simply statements to entice one to being and be dedicated to daily practise of yoga. These points will unfold in your own experience of your chosen yoga practise, and soon enough you will experience each one in turn, but first you must begin to walk this path –we do not expect blind faith in our sharing of this information, we expect one to try it for themselves and reap the fruits of their own rewards.

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