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How Do I Teach My Child To Eat Well And Healthy?


With the enormous leaps in technology humanity is moving light years ahead, and as a result we are expending our planets resources at the same speed.  So many organisations are warning and trying to give back to the planet as much as we are taking, but in truth and when you really think about it, not even half as much as we should.

Due to our birth rate and expansion in all areas that sooner rather then later our resources will run out, therefore for those who govern us solutions had to be found to sustain us, even if our sustainability would mean that we die younger than anticipated due to the amount of pollutions we ingest and are exposed to.  As always every human being is different and those who live longest are those who are the fittest and who are aware of the increasing risks to our wellbeing.

The latter is the reality of our modern civilisation, now the question is do we remain ignorant of that fact and die a horrible death when the time comes, or do we become aware of what is a better choice out of a number of bad choices in order to increase our time on this planet without dying from a crippling illness like Cancer.  That is a question one may ask of oneself as an adult when we may decide to become aware and healthy, but when one is a parent, can we really afford to be ignorant of the dangers that may cripple our child from simple bad choices, such as the food they eat.

One cannot escape death, nor can we escape the inevitable, nor can we escape the constant radiation that we are exposed to daily because of technology, nor can we escape the genetically modified food that is sprayed with even more chemicals, nor can we escape the pollution that invades our environment.

However what we can do is reduce the risk by incorporating the change ourselves into our daily life, and teaching our children to do the same by educating them of the dangers.

It will be near impossible to educate a toddler or a child about the dangers of food and how to reduce risk, if they had already started eating the very food one means to cut out from their diet entirely.  Firstly processed sugar is highly addictive and secondly once a child develops a taste for fast energy boost it will be extremely difficult to attempt to change that habit.  Therefore, perhaps one should start that education and healthy eating habit from the time we wean the baby off milk and onto solid food.

By introducing only the best choice of healthy alternatives and never once faltering or allowing anybody else to influence or quietly slipping a taste of anything but what you have taught your child to grow accustomed to.  A child would never throw a tantrum or cry over something they do not even know exists and when the child starts to become aware of it in their environment, the parent should by then have introduced the dangers of bad eating habits as something akin to addictive drugs.  Let us be frank for that is exactly what it is, highly addictive to the mind as well as the body, and one does crave it like one craves any addiction.

Naturally the main concern will be nurseries and other children who they might come in contact with that do eat everything.  This is why one of the aims of AwakeConBal Child is to group together awakened parents who wish to start playgroups that would maintain standards of healthy living and eating that would reflect in their children’s upbringing as well.  No parent would wish for their child to miss out on social activities due to lifestyle standards that is imperative to their wellbeing, so we encourage any parent who share our passion for healthy living and child raring to come and join our parent workshops to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas in creating the right environment for our children to grow without being exposed to elements that would potentially harm them.

At the parent workshop we will also discuss productive solutions for older children and toddlers to change their eating habits and what type of foods and alternatives are the best for a healthy food plan.

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