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Grain Problem!

In a course for enlightened body and mind where the history of food and how it affects the body was the focal point of the course, the PhD chiropractor and nutritionist highlighted in full that all grains should be avoided for optimum health and vitality.The problem lies with the grain itself being a new food source for humanity as a whole, but today with the farming and treatments of the grain, which makes them toxic (poisonous) to our bodies when ingested and more importantly these toxins remain longer in the body due to the grains taking anything from 3-6 months before completely leaving the bloodstream, as the compounds stick to the walls of our stomach, intestines and arteries until we ingest something that can wash or cleanse them away.  The digestion differs from person to person, but if one was on a daily diet of eating certain grains even once a day, then the accumulation of toxins and substances left over from the consumption of the grain will keep all unwanted toxins rotating in the bloodstream constantly.  It is best to avoid eating grains in a regular healthy diet, limiting oneself to eating some of the listed grains in the link below sparingly (the best six alternative grains).  It is always the individual’s choice, but always remember the side effects to any of the food that is not raw and organic.

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