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Case Study:  Heart Patient Who Joined Our AwakeConBal Fitness Program


An example that makes one wonder, do the doctors really not know about the dangers of certain food, or are they pressured into keeping with the giant’s façade that processed food is good for you? 

The following story about a GP in the UK leaves one very wary of doctors in general (excluding specialised surgeons or doctors in hospitals at present).  A man in his sixties was told he had three of his four main arteries almost completely blocked with only one working at 50%, he was told by the doctor to eat chicken because it is good for the heart.

Yet studies clearly shows that a high percentage of the chicken fat accumulates and builds up in the arteries, and as it builds up it blocks the arteries.  So in fact the chicken then becomes the number one factor for the cause of heart disease.  
Even though our AwakeConBal lifestyle coach attempted to warn the man not to eat chicken for it is the primary cause of his heart problem, he laughed and announced that the doctor had told him to eat it, so who were we to advice him otherwise.  After his triple bypass he continued to eat chicken, but within a year all three newly operated on arteries were completely blocked again.  The doctors were baffled and as this man’s case was extremely rare, the doctors called the man back into the hospital to find out what went wrong with his arteries. 

The doctor suggested stress to be the cause, interestingly not paying any attention to his diet, which apparently was very healthy.  Although stress can be attributed as a primary factor in most health related cases, it certainly provokes ones mind to wonder how it managed to block three newly operated on arteries within less then a year?

The man’s condition worsened with time and no matter how hard our lifestyle coach advised against chicken specifically as the number one factor to his present condition, the man refused to take heed.  This lasted a further year, when his health became so bad that just moving in and out of the bed became a strain on his heart, as the arteries in both his legs were now also blocked –he felt like a dead man walking. 

Finally after an episode where he collapsed, he decided to start our AwakeConBal Wellbeing & Health program, which included a healthy food and juice plan that cancelled out all meats, grains, processed sugars and dairy.  Four months later, he feels like life has been breathed back into his body, his legs returned to normal, while today we continue cleansing the rest of his body from all the toxins and bad food, which had build up over decades of bad eating habits.

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