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Evolved Conduct: Raising Your Confidence


Today January 2015, on the outside our modern world is thriving, technology speeding light years ahead of human evolution, communication becoming one as the world becomes smaller, social norms stretched beyond any imagination, science and information has crossed galaxies and travelled through worm holes and life is speeding by at such rate that no one can afford the time to even notice.

However, it appears that everything external and outside the human being, mostly material and mental has indeed thrived and exceeded past expectations and yet humanity has not evolved.  Not in the least.

Civility, compassion, humility, modesty, virtue, honour, honesty, self-respect, integrity, empathy, generosity and kindness are but a few of the traits that seem to diminish with time.  These qualities most certainly exists, but are rarely seen in humans as the modern world washes over humanity with more pressing traits, such as, consumption, greed, vanity, shallowness, arrogance, stupidity, self conceit, self importance, self absorption, depression, lust, addiction, illiteracy and narrow mindedness. 

The distinction might be a harsh one, but it is a fairly honest representation of the demise of what makes us human, for we are not evolving as a race, but the regression of our social standards, communication and moral conduct in all our dealings across the board is painting a stark comparison of the picture of what we all once were as a race called humans.

If only the opposite was true, one would not feel such shame that the animal kingdom is a far better species then 90% of humanity.  If the mind is what differentiate us from the animals and as a result we are a superior race, then this mind didn’t just let us down, but it has let the entire universe down due to our shameful regressed conduct.

There is no avoiding this regression in our educational standards, social conduct and obligations, morals and principles are almost vanishing in our communities with the new generations being so self absorbed that communication in the future will be through some kind of technology because they will not know how to be their true self.  Only an image of what media and government reformation programs had created.

Most people are so busy trying to survive or live the dream that is being pressed upon them to live that nobody is paying any attention to this decline, although its aftermath is daily on our screens in the form of educated brain washed human beings who are joining terrorist groups to cleanse the world from evil. 

Seriously such chaos and moral decline cannot be just brushed under the carpet to be forgotten and the reason it cannot is because that carpet is in our home and there is only so much we can brush under there before a mound turns into a hill.   That hill is already showing itself in most parts of the world with all the violence and hatred that is daily being bred.  We do not live in a time such as three centuries ago, where if a power hungry man wanted to invade, he would have to take himself and his army across a few weeks of travel before reaching his destination? Nor are we living at a time when the weaponry created delivers only the damage seen at the end of a sword.

Humanity needs to wake up and soon, because the time that we live in presently has the power to render humanity and our entire way of life extinct, if our human evolution as a whole does not match our mental (scientific and technological) and material evolution, which presently it absolutely does not.

So what does evolved conduct means in AwakeConBal philosophy?

It basically signifies that it is not the natural environment (nature/universe) that had forced all these changes, whether positive or negative, it matters not.  But it is humanity who forced it into being, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the consequence of which we are presently experiencing.

A human being is a very complex and inexplicable cosmic entity that science has shown that only one quark, when experimented with, showed the potential of exhibiting the same energy force as the sun!

This needs to be repeated, one quark, which is the smallest particle in the atom, has the potential to produce the same energy force as the sun, and a human being is made up of billions of intelligent inexplicable networks of quarks.

A human being does not need to change the environment or anybody or anything within the environment.  A human being does not charge up to another human being and use force, or any kind or type of violence in any shape or form.  A human being does not need to do anything except meditate on the thing they desire to happen or change, and it will be.  Because only one quark has the potential of creating and releasing the same energy force as the sun.

A change does not come from outside or will not occur to anything on the outside of the self –a change is internal.  If you need to make a change, then make it to yourself first and by doing so you would have changed your environment, influencing all those who exist in your environment to also be part of that change, inspiring them to change.

It is a rather loosely used term, but after one realises how powerful one truly is, then this term is no longer so insignificant; If you want to lead, then lead by example and be an example of an evolved human being, who is not simply evolved technologically and materially but evolved in conduct.

Only then can one truly comprehend the true essence of natural flair in confidence.

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