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Awakened Child: What Does It Mean?


A New Life Is Like A Beautiful Book Waiting To Be Written, With Pages That Are Clean And Crisp Ready To Tell A Story.  This Story Will Live On Forever As It Will Influence Future Events And Shape Future Minds.

If We Look At Our Children As Books Waiting To Be Written, Perhaps Then We May Have A Better Understanding Of How Absolutely Aware Parents Must Be Of Every Detail That Would Affect The Body Of The Story.

As Such A Parent May Wish To Study The Characters That Will Have The Privilege Of Entering The Story, The Environment That Would Affect The Flow Of The Story, The Information That Would Give Depth And Beauty To The Story And Most Importantly The Ink (Food) That Will Write The Story.

It Is Not Just The Parent Who Must Have Awareness, It Is Also The Child That Must Have The Same Awareness, For One Reflect The Other.
One Cannot Hide Any Ugly Truths, But One Must Take Care On How To Write Them. 

As The Aware Parent Must Delve Into Research And Study Of Self, Education And Environment, So Must The Child Be Exposed To Situations And Circumstances That Would Allow For The Same Knowledge To Be Taught Through experience.  .A Parent Who Might Be Just Starting In The Path Of Awareness, Some Might Find The Transition Hard And At Times Impossible.   Due To Being An Adult The Characteristic And Habits Of Daily Life Would Be Fixed For Years.  
Therefore An Awakened Parent Might Have To Firstly Breakdown A Few Pillars Of Beliefs Before Embracing A New Lifestyle That Would Allow Them To Evolve Into Their New Self With A New Daily Routine.

However If A Child Is Exposed To Such Awareness From A Young Age, The Constant Evolution Of Their Character Would Allow Them To Grow With A Healthy Open Mind, Which Would Ensure An Extreme Utilisation Of Intelligence, Creativity And Second To None Evolved Human Attributes.  It Would Be Easy For The Child To Grow With This Constant Evolving Awareness And Their Progress Would Far Exceed What You May Possibly Comprehend Or Even Imagine.

Even If An Aware Parent Made Human Errors Or Mistakes As They Undertake This Odious Task Of Raising An Aware Child, The Gift Of Awareness That You Will Bestow On Your Child Will Be The very Best Gift You Could Possibly Ever Give Them And Every Error Or Mistake Made Would Be Forgiven And Forgotten With The Evolved Awareness They Will Possess.

For Knowledge Is Power And Knowing How To Constantly Evolve With Awareness Means You Will Give Your Child A Master Key To The Doorway Of Ultimate Power: How To Live LIFE.

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