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Awakened Attitude: Know Yourself


In daily life how we view situations, people and circumstances and how we react to each in turn determines ones attitude.

An attitude is the emotional perception and reaction based on ones life experience, belief system, cultural background and education, which echoes ones overall character.

As most people’s mental body is preoccupied with the odious chores of daily life, the emotional body is just as active possessing its own unique method of perception beyond the five senses attributed to mental awareness.

The emotional body perceives the emotional impulse and motivation of everything and all that surrounds it, from people, objects to events, and as such the emotional body contributes its impressions through attitude.  All forms of attitudes before they are enacted or displayed would normally be filtered through the mind, in order to add the imprint of experience, education and belief system.  In most cases if an attitude is wholly intuitive, as most might be due to their validity springing from an emotional observation, the mental body would then adjust them accordingly to the predetermined backdrop of education, culture and experience.

If those observations are changed by the mental body, they would no longer reflect an external awareness of your entire universe at play, but it would reflect the fears, cautions and doubts of the mental body’s over protective drive and unwavering control over any information that was not derived from the five senses.

Such persons as those who acknowledge their emotional body and work with its unique sensibilities would therefore be named emotionally intelligent.

An emotionally intelligent human being is one who can intuitively comprehend and acknowledge the subtle bodies of others as well as itself, including detecting the motivation and drive of how, why and when a certain event or choice might be made in its environment and by whom.  Some people who do not have an active emotional body but a highly active mental body, always presume that they are superior to any others and feel immense pride in not being motivated emotionally or in having no influence from their emotional body.  The latter tend to be highly calculated and stick to strict pillars of belief, in short tend to have a narrow mind, for if one is not listening or acknowledging their own emotional body, which has attributes that possess immense power of deduction and foresight; then one would be ignorant of their own potential and could never reach it without their emotional intelligence.

However, even such calculated persons experience overwhelming emotions in one time or another that would dictate the course of events or important life changing choices, although perhaps not as frequently as an emotionally intelligent person.

Like anything in this universe, balance is always key to ones highest evolved potential.  For an over active emotional body would also have devastating effects, for it would possess the power to motivate ones entire being into action, overwhelming mind and the senses and depending on the path it wishes to motivate one towards, whether exalted or a manically erratic course, it inevitably could lead to the destruction of ones life.

An awakened attitude is to be aware of all these different factors that make up your character that would shape your existence, to be mindful of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of each of your multidimensional layers and their function or dysfunction.

One cannot be objective if one is overwhelmed emotionally, nor can ones mental choices be accurate if the mind felt threatened, for it would switch to survival mode that would permit any/all actions as necessary.   Therefore a constant state of balance is vital to ensure that all multidimensional layers function in calm unison, appropriating correct channels of communication between all layers before choosing a specific course of action.

By reaching this state of calm balance one would then be able to hear the voice of the forth layer, which is that of the higher self or the soul as some might like to call it.  The forth layer is the being that is one with the universe and its creative pulse that carries all information and represents all and everything that ever existed.  The soul has lived all the possibilities of ones past, present and future lives and it has mapped out every possible path, fate and destiny, leaving nothing to chance, for there is no such thing as chance or accident if you believe that one possesses a soul.

Some might question then what of choice?

If we look at the entire picture on this earth in ones earthly body, one has no choice and the few superficial choices ones mind is left with were already predetermined by ones forth layer before one even enters this sphere of existence.
For example, one might think that the choice of becoming an addict was ultimately a consequence of a string of conscious choices one had made in ones life, and perhaps if ones life has been a little different, then those choices could have been prevented.  Theoretically perhaps, but experience in this area points to a different possibility; if all possible outcomes derived from all possible choices had all been predetermined by your higher self before entering your physical body on this earth, then it would only stand to reason that no matter how different ones life might had been, the choice to become an addict would always had presented itself and the possibility of entering that experience is a necessary karma that had to be lived.  The only slight difference that would have become apparent was not in the eventuality of becoming an addict, but in how easy one will overcome this karmic experience based on superficial life choices that must bring one to an awakened attitude, which in turn would enable one to come out on the other side evolved and grown into a better human being as a consequence of that experience.

Philosophy is a beautiful mind altering pastime, which if one dedicates themselves to understanding better, soon they would understand that every human being is a philosopher born from an awakened attitude to life.  As one begins to reach the forth and fifth multidimensional layers, one is getting closer to the source that had shaped its entire existence, it would then stand to reason that one would see in complete balanced calmness its entire destined path and how one should proceed forward.

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How May I Reach An Awakened Attitude?


A human being is a complex network of separate entities, each with a voice, needs and motivations, when these multi-layers are disconnected from one another; the human being is no longer balanced.

An imbalance on any level creates blockage and if left unattended over a period of many years, it would impose a damage that would become hard to heal and would take years to attempt healing it.

Not many people are connected on more then three layers and most are connected only to two if not one, which means that most of us are seriously damaged on many levels!

Being that the mental body (layer) is the most active from all the others, one must start by feeding the mind some seriously eye opening information that would inspire oneself to begin a journey into self discovery, which will eventually lead you into an awakened attitude.

Include a heavy weekly schedule of yoga to accompany the extensive mind provoking reading and gathering of information, Pranassage treatment is a must for it will open all the blocked chakras and move trapped energy around the body for a better flow.  Also include meditation for it will allow for the bridging of communication between the multi-layers and help you to understand and appreciate yourself better.

The most important elements to remember to awakening ones attitude is to be determined and tenacious, focused and disciplined and ready to confront oneself in a journey of self discovery that is not always very pleasant.

Alternatively if you want to fast track the process, book a free consultation with us to determine which of the layers might be damaged/blocked and we will be happy to design a program that will work on healing and unblocking these layers.  Once we have determined what needs work and attention we will suggest an intensive military style luxury retreat to meet your requirements, you may wish to book with us or you may already have a retreat in mind that better meets your needs.  Either way, do ensure that it is a luxury retreat, although expensive but absolutely necessary to accommodate the senses, as the retreat will be very hard on your physical, emotional and mental bodies, so it is imperative that the environment will be comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing and very pleasing after hard training or an intense internal self discovery journey.

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