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I Am A Working Parent, Can I Be An Awakened Parent?


To put it simply, yes you can.  Please read our article on ‘Am I An Awakened Parent?’

In truth AwakeConBal Lifestyle philosophies present an idealistic parent role that would best serve and meet the needs of a growing child, however, the world is not ideal and sometimes life can be anything but ideal.

Therefore, one must be flexible and open minded in regards to ideals, but in the process always be mindful that when one allows some of the ideals to be compromised, then it would only stand to reason that the results will be compromised as well.  Yet never forget that there are no chances or accidents so if a thing is to be compromised it was meant to be exactly so for the higher purpose of the issue in question.

Once the awakening process begin to take place, if one had not started it already, then a parent will begin to understand their imperative role in their child’s growth and developmental process.

If a nanny is spending more time teaching and attending events with your child, then it is the nanny who has taken your parent role and your role in your child’s upbringing, growth and development is then diminished by her presence.  So as they grow up their respect for your presence, teaching, advice or opinions will suffer greatly, because on a subconscious level, unknown perhaps even to them, they would resent you for not being there and for not fulfilling your role towards them, leaving their care to strangers.  They would be right!  However, life and the world are not ideal, so how can we remedy this possible future problem from occurring and emotionally damaging your child?

Perhaps one of the remedies for a career parent, or a parent who must work to provide, would be to keep in mind that a nanny should be there to aid a parent and not take over the parent’s role, for example the important events the parent (both equally) must attend to show care and support to a growing child, who will need a parent present for moral support.

By becoming an aware awakened parent you will begin to realise the dangers of the environment and stranger’s influence on your child in their first stage of childhood (age 0-10yrs).  Therefore this awareness will take root to automatically inspire you to divide your time and attention to all the details that require your nurture, attention and protective presence.  As such you will delegate the different tasks where a housekeeper or nanny may help you with so it would not interfere with your parenting. 

Idealistically a parent should be around their child in their first ten years of growth and development.  So if a parent can tailor their work to fit around their parenting role that would be truly idealistic but very rarely possible. 

AwakeConBal Philosophy idealistically views the parent’s role to be the most effective and must needed in the first ten years of the child’s life, where they would lay the foundation of the child’s education and ego personality.  Once the child reaches their tenth year, the parent’s hardest job will be done, because their child’s education and ego personality will be set permanently and even if your child was then to be tested with the most frightening of scenarios, be assured that they will respond in exactly the way you had raised them. 

Being a parent is a complex and very hard role, but if you do your best in the first ten years, then the role will be plain sailing from there.  Although there might be the occasional storm here and there, but a strong independent child will pull through and fight their life battles with determination and success.  A parent’s role thereafter will be to guide with advice when asked and not imposed where possible.

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