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I Do Not Have The Capabilities To Acquire An Awakened Aware Attitude!


Every single human being is the same, no matter what one may know or believe, no matter where we come from and whom we are, no matter how slow or fast we are in our daily life; we are the same except we all come with different offerings to expand and evolve humanity.

A different set of readily available skills or natural talents, something that one might possess a natural flair in, while other areas of ones character might exist to challenge us to learn through perfecting them.  AwakeConBal philosophy is that the talents/skills that we come down to earth naturally gifted in are our offerings to expand and evolve humanity.  While the talents/skills that we might need to work on to perfect is what will expand and evolve our own being by bringing us understanding of balance and growth to everything we are connected to outside ourselves.   Therefore we must work hard to gather all the knowledge necessary in order to aid ourselves to grow further in that direction and become one with everything internally as well as externally.  By working on our challenges we grow, develop and evolve into our better selves and thus reaching an awakened aware attitude towards environment, our created universe and ourselves.

By limiting oneself through stating that we are incapable of achieving a certain goal because we feel we are not as intelligent or great as others, only spells out mental laziness.  By not applying oneself to start and complete an important challenge within a task that has the potential to evolve you into an awakened aware human being, one would be knowingly refusing to live, experience in order to grow. 

Survival of the fittest means that one must rise to any challenge and ensure that enough dedication and determination drives the task to completion, because your survival depends on it.  If completing a task became a matter of ones survival, the motivation to survive becomes all consuming that any given task will be completed.

An awakened aware attitude allows one to use the latter perspective to aid in starting and seeing through to completion any given challenge as presented by a new task.  Therefore by pushing past our limitations in order to complete a challenge and as we reach the end goal of our challenge, we grow further and reach higher levels of awareness through the new knowledge and experience we had just lived through.

The question one must ask oneself before entering any task, “Am I fit enough to complete this given task or am I to be left behind with the rest of the followers when the fittest will lead on to survive into a new state of being?”

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