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A Successful Remedy For Communication Breakdown Between Couples

Relationships in all forms are like a flower that requires a constant flow of nurturing, care and attention in order to survive, otherwise like a flower without those vital ingredients it will die.  While romantic relationships however are even more demanding of ones overall commitment.Any relationship stands on five pillars, if at any time any one of these pillars is compromised by circumstance or thoughtless action, the relationship suffers the possible fate of collapsing.  Working for or against those pillars are the emotional commitment, consideration and constancy of each person in the relationship.Those pillars are and in no particular order for they are each as important as one other; Trust, Communication, Respect, Consideration and loyalty, with Love being the emotional drive that motivates and encourages the pillars to hold true.

Yet one of the most common relationship breakdown problems is that of communication, and with most couples believing that a communication breakdown is the result of not opening up and communicating honestly and outright in a relationship, however in fact a breakdown of communication often means that one or both do not know how to listen to one another.  Even though both partners might very well be very verbal and expressive, yet by being incapable to listen in order to understand and absorb the opinion and feelings of the other person creates a communication meltdown, which would then lead to disrespectful attitude and behaviour and inconsideration within the relationship.

AwakeConBal alternative couple therapy is not a psychoanalysis session of the couple, but rather it allows the couple to experiment with productive tailor made activities that would teach them how to listen and communicate with one another with respect, understanding and consideration.

The couple will be taught the art of truly listening to one another, building a solid bridge of communication, learning to stop and appreciate the feelings and opinions of ones life partner and learning how to keep the relationship alive, adventures and romantic with simple measures of attention and care.

The therapy aims to open channels to rekindle romance by reminding the couple of why they came to together in the first place.

The couple session will be private and confidential and with only a few sessions, the couple will be taught how to continue their own self therapy at home to continue with the success and results achieved in the session.

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