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Steps To Awakened Aware Attitude

Many of us might be divided on what may be the source of self-empowerment, some may believe that money is power, leadership is power, information is power or even a huge following is power.

However as part of AwakeConBal lifestyle teaching and philosophy we believe that knowledge is power.  Knowledge for many a great mind from philosophers, leaders and serious academics has always been the real source of power.

When we dissect the meaning behind knowledge being the source of power, one may find that only through knowledge can a human being expand, develop and evolve.  Meanwhile if we are to look at the bigger picture, collectively when one human being develops, their mental awareness expands and thus evolve.  This one human being also represents the awareness, development, expansion and evolution of a society at large, as one evolves the rest follow.

The latter points to a rather interesting development in our modern societies; if most individuals are raised to believe that the source of power is anything but knowledge by our governments and leaders, then perhaps the intention is not to evolve humanity into the next sphere of awareness, being and experience!
Perhaps the intention is to divert the attention off that very path into another that would render humanity more controllable, in order to follow rules, regulations and everything else as voluntary slaves to the system.

In truth our societies are littered with distractions and too much information, it therefore makes it hard to focus and see a clear cut path to follow, which makes it all the more important to acquire as much knowledge as possible to make the choices more clear.  All knowledge is made available under a mountain of misinformation, which leaves the individual to work out what is real from what is not.  It boils down to survival of the fittest, in thought, emotional intelligence as well as spirituality. 

Except most people are unaware of the slave system one may have volunteered for, most believe they are free to express and be who and what they truly are, except how can that possibly be when most are brain washed to think and behave within a social norm that is to their determent?  
The fittest would not volunteer into a system that would dumb the senses as it takes control of ones life, and the fittest would evolve despite all the distractions and misinformation, the fittest will always rise to walk their destined path.

Because that is what makes them fittest, they would not fall in the same traps as the average person would!

An awakened aware attitude would allow the person to know all the foundation knowledge and information to build on in order to develop, grow and evolve always into a better being. 

The first step is education (read, research, explore and experience), however keep these conditions in mind when following through the first step, for knowledge is power and to gain true knowledge one must educate oneself.

The conditions to remember when starting the education process are:

·     Always remain open minded to all information so one may observe the bigger picture of the knowledge one seeks

·      Always be prepared to start from square one and some processes might take longer then others in leaving square one, due perhaps to ones mind objecting to move past the analyses that must be deduced from the information at hand

·   Experience with an open mind and dedication but never make any information, no matter how solid it may appear to be, your pillar of truth, because all information evolve and change according to the relative universal truths of science that is constantly changing and evolving

·     In order to evolve, so must you evolve with all information, circumstances and situations that may occur all around you

·      Be very aware of any organisation of any sort that has definite set pillars of truths, which asks you to follow them blindly.  If you must follow anything, then follow the voice within you and not that of those who wish to control you in any manner of ways, only you should possess such control

·   Always speak your truth, remain centred within to see your truth, no matter how painful always confront your truth for it is the only way to evolve into an awakened aware being

·    AwakeConBal philosophy is an evolving way of being that follows these conditions in order to present our members with new evolved methods of learning, expanding, developing and experiencing that would aid in their process of awakened awareness

In the end there is no movement if one stood still, similarly there would be no evolved development if one did not seek, practise and experience an awakened awareness to life and the universe that surrounds us.

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