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Responsibility, Empathy, Compassion & Consideration

Heart Chakra
A very wealthy man decides to visit a friend of his, but when he arrived, his friend asked him if he could please take his shoes off and leave them outside the door when he enters. The wealthy man took off his very expensive shoes and did as he was bid.
A beggar walked past and stole the shoes. Later when the wealthy man discovered his shoes were stolen he began to cry bitterly, so his friend asked him,
“Why are you crying my friend? You can afford to buy fifty more of the same shoes,”
“I am not crying about the shoes my friend,” replied the man, “I am crying because my vanity and inconsideration had caused another human being to believe himself a thief, so I have contributed in turning a human being in need into a thief, for he will think because he had done it once, he might as well do it again –but if I had not left the temptation in his path, he might now not believe that he was the sinner, when the sin was my own”

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