Unlimited One2One

In A Technologically Advanced Society One Can Easily Forget To Take A Moment To Attend To The Care, Nurturing And Stress Release Accumulated Within Oneself

Welcome to your ticket of absolute self induling relaxation program, that will tantalise your senses and take you into another world of opulent sensual pleasures in comfort, food and treatments.

This retreat is unlike the other three we offer where strict time keeping of scheduled activities and treatments is part of the program disciplines that we encourage the participants to follow. In our relaxation retreat we give each participant our basic scheduled program of yoga, mediations and Tai Chi timetable and we invite our participants to choose the times of all other activities and treatments to their preference.

The luxurious accommodation will offer a variety of treatments and lounging spaces that best fits Royalty and our intentions is to give a service with surroundings that would ensure our guests would feel Regal. After a day of relaxation and intensive detoxing and stress relief treatments, we invite our guests to lounge on the roof terrace under a star filled sky to enjoy our resident DJ’s chill out set.

We guarantee an experience that will not only ensure that you return home feeling rejuvenated and absolutely refreshed, but one whose effects will last and leave a lasting impressions for a long time after.

The Luxury Retreat Package Will Include

  • Opulent And Luxurious Accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Sightseeing Activities Around The City
  • Superfood Health Plan & Juices
  • Maid Service
  • 30 Hours Of AwakeConBal Yoga (Yin & Yang)
  • 8 Hrs Of Visual Meditation
  • 8 Hrs Of Pranassage
  • 6 Hrs Of Chinese Massage
  • 6 Hrs Of Chakra Cleansing
  • 8 Hrs Of Salon Pampering Treatments
  • 6 Hrs Of Tai Chi
  • 4 Hrs Of Facial Treatment
  • 3 Hrs Deep Wisdom Exercises
  • 4 Hrs Moroccan Hammam

Price : £3,500.00

For Shared

Price : £2,750.00

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