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Power Of Freedom

Power Of Freedom

Freedom is not simply a state of being; Freedom is a state of mind.

To live, to be born and experience life in all its glory, beauty and wonders is a birth right of every single human being who enters the sphere of material reality.

Life is a gift to be lived and experienced in all its many facets, from joy to pain, happiness to sadness, the beautiful to the ugly, good & bad, positive to negative, poverty to riches and even from black to white!

Each is a side of the same coin, one side works as a teacher and the other as a student, one is growth and the other is harmonic stillness, or one builds strength while the other defines an experience.

A deep appreciative understanding would not exist without experiencing the sour before tasting the sweet!  If everything was sweet, then how could one know the worth and value of this sweetness if there was nothing else to compare it to?

In experiencing life with awareness and an open mind, we evolve into more awakened beings as our cycle of experiences become ever more challenging, ever more enlightening.

The true Power Of Freedom is to create without inhibition, to speak without fear, to learn with an open mind, to live exactly as desired, to choose without reservation, and to share or offer this gift unconditionally.  It is not something that can be taken from you, for even a prisoner behind thick bars can still be 100% free.

Freedom is a state of mind that allows you to live constantly evolving cycles of experiences for without Freedom one simply cannot evolve!

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