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“It Matters Not How Strait The Gate, How Charged With Punishments The Scroll, I Am The Master Of My Fate, I Am The Captain Of My Soul” Invictus, By William Earnest Henley

AwakeConBal Lifestyle

We Spend Our Youth Dreaming Of Our Future And When We Reach Our Future We Spend It Chasing Our Youth. Yet If We Apply The Three Main Principle Areas Of AwakeConBal Into Our Daily Routine, We Will Certainly Master Our Fate And Then We Are Never Lost As We Become Captain Of Our Soul.

AwakeConBal Lifestyle Is Based On Yogic Principles And Philosophies, While Also Drawing On A Variety Of Spiritual Practices, AwakeConBal Was Designed To Awaken The Individual’s Multidimensional Layers That Makes The Human Being, Namely The Physical, Emotional/Breath, Mental, Spiritual/Wisdom And The Witness Subtle Bodies. Thus Creating A Communication Channel Between Them All To Allow Internal Balance That In Turn Will Exude Confidence In All Aspects Of Our Daily Life From Situations To Relationships.

If We Fail To Evolve Into Our Better Selves, Then Through Our Children Our Better Selves Will Emerge
Who You Are Is How You Manipulate & Navigate Your Own Universe, Self empowerment Is Realised Through Heightened Awareness
You Are What You Eat And What Enters Your Body At Times Never Leaves. Your Health & Youth Depends On What You Ingest