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Is My Child An Awakened Child?

All children are born awakened and it is believed that we are most connected and aware at birth.  However, it is as we grow and gather experiences and knowledge from our environment that our awakened state turns into a conditioning of the rational mind to forget our deeper connection to everything and to replace it with routine, belief systems.  This in turn consume our daily life with quest of survival and chasing dreams that others force upon us.

It is for that exact reason, why it is necessary for parents to preserve this natural state of awakened awareness by allowing the child to be introduced to the practise of yoga, which would help maintain and preserve it.  If a parent does not feel the benefits of yoga is suitable for their child, then sports and arts will also help preserve some of the awakened state a child is born with.

The bottom line is to preserve, nurture and aid in evolving the awakened state your child is born with, for it is by doing so that whatever destiny your child was born to lead and not that imposed by parents, education, society and culture that will see your child becoming something truly remarkable and inspirational to future generations.  Note also that by doing so your child will grow mentally and emotionally healthy, happy and content with their life, family and all the ups and downs that they may encounter.

How and which route a parent may decide to expose their child to in order for the child to preserve their awakened state and evolve with it does not matter, as a parent do your research and choose one of many directions available to you, if you feel yoga does not hold the rewards or standards you seek.  However, choose well for this is your child’s growth, development and happiness that depend on your final choice. 

The reason yoga is by far the best option is because yoga from an early age practised will yield results that surpass any imagined expectations and it will grow with the needs and development of your child.  It is a gift I am giving my own child and it is a gift I know will give her the strength and foundation to overcome any obstacles in her life and help her develop into the human being she was born to be.  

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