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I Tried Meditation, But It Did Not Work, Why?

The intention of AwakeConBal Lifestyle is to live by philosophies on life that is primarily based on the principles of yoga with a melting pot of worldwide cultural and spiritual practises.  An intention that proposes to unify attitudes, bring people closer and marriage the best of all realities.

An individual is not only defined by their background, culture and life belief systems, for that only makes up the ego personality of their being (mental body) and therefore, that is only a part of who they may represent as a whole.  The influence of background, culture and life belief system is very great and very important, but they are only great and important because humanity gives the mental body all the importance and greatness over all other multidimensional layers within the human being.

Meditation trains the mind to remember that it belongs to a network of multidimensional layers and that each and every layer is just as important as the mental layer.  Meditation also trains the mind to stop, listen, acknowledge and release, to share the responsibility of decision making, to accept the information from all sources internally and externally and to let go of anything that does not serve the higher purpose of its entire being.

These are all very important points that the mental body must begin to process gradually in order for internal balance, serenity of being and confidence to awaken within the foundation of the practitioner.  The tool that will guarantee the practitioner the arrival to this transcendent state of mental awareness and character evolution is meditation.

There exist a variety of meditations, all of which are specific to the intention and end results the practitioner may wish to achieve.  Although applications and techniques will vary, however fundamentally the mental processes are similar, consequently the variety is only a different flavour to the same recipe.

If one is unable to meditate it signifies that the mind does not wish to stop, listen, acknowledge and release, and this happens for a number of reasons, one as discussed in a previous blog entry, the mind is motivated by the fear of the unknown. 

The mind might become threatened by the new unknown practise and what it may release from suppressed emotions and related memories or the mind might become motivated by the fear of losing control, thus allowing a possible risk of harm.

It may also be overloaded with too much information that keeps it very alert and unable to shut down and relax, especially if one is attempting to meditate without practising some form of relaxation techniques, such as Tai Chi, Yoga, dance, martial arts and/or Sports of any kind.

AwakeConbal philosophy on meditation is that it is an advanced form of yoga practise and must be understood fully before embarking upon, as it is extremely powerful and absolutely works, especially if the practitioner has a strong determined personality, and specifically if that personality is focused.

If you are already a yogi, dancer or sporty person who wish to explore meditation further, please choose one of our meditations and book your free session to experience AwakeConBal meditation firsthand. 

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