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I Practised Yoga But I Was Unable To Continue, Why?

Some people would say that yoga is not for everyone; AwakeConBal’s philosophy is that the opposite is in fact true; it is absolutely for everyone.

Through experience it has been observed that those who oppose the practise of yoga, whether violently or reluctantly, suffer from deep-rooted issues that the mental body does not wish to address. 

It is not that one has not connected to the practise of yoga; it is that your mental body connected very well, immediately calculating an approaching danger from the emotional body if the practised was to be continued.  There is also another more common reason, the mental body realises that through the practise of yoga it will begin to lose absolute control (in essence share control) to something unknown.  As such a defensive retaliation against the practise is motivated by the fear of the unknown taking control internally, of course this is not true, if one wishes to continue practising yoga then one must continuously command the mental body to calm down by focusing on the breathing and in being in the present moment of experience.  In doing so the mental body will eventually give up the struggle to resist the experience and allow the rest of the multidimensional layers to begin sharing the control with the mental body. 

The process of quieting the mind is not an easy one and it will take time before the mental body will release absolute control and begin to enjoy the experience without reservation. 

However in regards to the dangers of suppressed issues that the mental body might not be ready to confront and deal with, one must tread very carefully.  The practitioner will know the difference between the two examples listed here, if the practitioner feels that the retaliation against continuing the practise of yoga is resulting from issues suppressed deeply within the emotional body, do not stop your practise, for it is more then ever imperative to continue.  However be very conscious of your yoga practise, focusing only on gentle self awakening yoga, and informing your teacher of any emotional or mental struggle that might confront you during the practise, in order for the teacher to walk you through healing the experience.

It is not a matter of forcing yourself to practise yoga even though the mental body is retaliating; it is a matter of convincing your mental body that it must allow the experience in order to understand, self heal and then release the situation.

If one continues to practise in the manner suggested to command and calm the mental body, the end results will be immensely rewarding, so do try to quieten the mind so your entire being may benefit.

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