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How May I Reach An Awakened Attitude?

A human being is a complex network of separate entities, each with a voice, needs and motivations, when these multi-layers are disconnected from one another; the human being is no longer balanced.

An imbalance on any level creates blockage and if left unattended over a period of many years, it would impose a damage that would become hard to heal and would take years to attempt healing it.

Not many people are connected on more then three layers and most are connected only to two if not one, which means that most of us are seriously damaged on many levels!

Being that the mental body (layer) is the most active from all the others, one must start by feeding the mind some seriously eye opening information that would inspire oneself to begin a journey into self discovery, which will eventually lead you into an awakened attitude.

Include a heavy weekly schedule of yoga to accompany the extensive mind provoking reading and gathering of information, Pranassage treatment is a must for it will open all the blocked chakras and move trapped energy around the body for a better flow.  Also include meditation for it will allow for the bridging of communication between the multi-layers and help you to understand and appreciate yourself better.

The most important elements to remember to awakening ones attitude is to be determined and tenacious, focused and disciplined and ready to confront oneself in a journey of self discovery that is not always very pleasant.

Alternatively if you want to fast track the process, book a free consultation with us to determine which of the layers might be damaged/blocked and we will be happy to design a program that will work on healing and unblocking these layers.  Once we have determined what needs work and attention we will suggest an intensive military style luxury retreat to meet your requirements, you may wish to book with us or you may already have a retreat in mind that better meets your needs.  Either way, do ensure that it is a luxury retreat, although expensive but absolutely necessary to accommodate the senses, as the retreat will be very hard on your physical, emotional and mental bodies, so it is imperative that the environment will be comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing and very pleasing after hard training or an intense internal self discovery journey.

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