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How May I Prefect My Yoga?

The most beautiful of all are those who are flawed; similarly the most perfect of all perfections is the imperfection.  It is the imperfections that give the real definition to beauty.

Yoga is not about being perfect or the best, yoga is about being present and in the NOW, if the mental body is allowed to contemplate perfect postures, then it is no longer practising yoga, it is practising the art of vanity.

A yoga flow is an experience of adventuring into a journey of self-discovery, but if the mental body’s preoccupation is focused on beauty and perfectionism, then none of the yoga benefits will be reached through the practise for the practise is not being applied correctly.

Yoga is the experience of your physical body extending itself into postures that would allow the organs to stretch and breath, to relax and calm and to reach further into self-awareness.  By doing so, the emotional body will do the same and so will the mental body; therefore there are absolutely no perfect postures or even a perfect flow.

In yoga the physical body is constantly encouraged to flow in whichever direction and stretch in whichever way it may please, for the simple reason of experiencing itself through movement.

Are there any awakened yoga retreats that focuses wholly on connecting and balancing the multidimensional self?

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