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How Many Types Of Meditation Are There And How Do I Know Which One Would Suit Me Best?

Qi Gong Meditation

There are a huge variety of meditations to choose from, based on your needs, what you are looking to accomplish with your intention and yourself as a whole.  

Many meditations may incorporate spiritual values and beliefs that belong to a specific religion or culture, so one should be aware of the origin and background of the meditation they wish to practise, in case the values and beliefs may not reflect their own. 

Some meditations deal with completely emptying the mind of all thoughts, intentions and emotional motivations, to learn how to observe and sit in nothingness, for many practitioners that is the root of real meditations.

While some meditations are intention specific, which utilises the mind’s power for manifestations, some practitioners agree with this practise, while others completely oppose it.

AwakeConBal advises that before embarking on the path of learning the beautiful and powerful art of meditation, to do your research first.  Also be aware that your physical, emotional and mental body must be in an awakened state of awareness for the real benefits and results of your chosen meditation to take effect.  

AwakeConBal Meditations are based on yogic philosophies, but they represent the inner power of the human being, which in turn will teach the practitioner how to heal, release and manifest through ones own self-empowerment.  The source of power is the forth layer (higher self) in the hope of channelling through the fifth layer (bliss body) to better understand all the internal workings of ones entire universe that makes you. 

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