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An Intensive Detox & Shaolin Training Program That Will Workout Every Muscle And
Whip Your Mind, Emotions And Specifically Your Body Into Shape

AwakeConBal Fitness Retreat is not for the faint hearted, designed to make you workout till you drop and sweat every toxin out of your system, prepare yourself to enter a program tailor made to ensure that you leave our retreat feeling refreshed and the epitome of health. Please note that our instructors will make you work hard in order to reach your personal goal. Our team will include Chinese educated instructor in Shaolin training and martial arts, whose hardcore workout and loud voice will become the source of your constant motivation.

Our balanced program activities will ensure that each participant will enjoy relaxing treatments and messages to ease muscle pains and tension, while soothing out any energy blockages that will surely be released during the intensive program. Accompanied with our selection of meditation activities, ensuring that the retreat would address all the areas that will need attention for optimum end results.

The AwakeConBal Fitness Retreat will also be food conscious regarding eating habits focused to ensure implementation of a balanced & healthy food eating plan that will serve to detox all toxins out, burn and remove all fat and physically shape the participants to the desired form. One of the main routines we hope to inject into the daily life of our participants will be juicing, a discipline that we hope will be continued by the participants after the completion of the retreat to retain the lifestyle and wellbeing of their entire multidimensional layers.

All activities and treatments will be administrated in the lap of opulence and luxury to ensure that we provide a service that will be of the utmost comfort and pleasure that will be simply unforgettable. All our retreats are designed to be for a small group (9-18 people max) to ensure that our staff will provide the service and attention that exceeds ones expectations.

Unlike any other available retreat, unique in its applications, activities and treatments, AwakeConBal Fitness Retreat will be an experience that you will want to repeat again and again.

The Luxury Retreat Package Will Include

  • Opulent And Luxurious Accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Sightseeing Activities Around The City
  • Superfood Health Plan & Juices
  • Maid Service
  • 30 Hours Of AwakeConBal Yoga (Yin & Yang)
  • 6 Hrs Of Visual Meditations
  • 4 Hrs Of Pranassage
  • 4 Hrs Of Chinese Massage
  • 4.5 Hrs Of Chakra Cleansing
  • 12 Hrs Of Shaolin Training
  • 6 Hrs Of Tai Chi
  • 4 Hrs Of Qi Gong
  • 6 Hrs Hardcore Cross Fitness

Price : £3,800.00

For Shared

Price : £3,200.00

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