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The Nature Of Romance Is To Dedicate Time, Care, Thought And Attention In Order For
Love To Grow And Continue

Our couple therapy retreat is very unique in its application, focusing primarily on building and strengthening broken down communications between a couple and/or teaching the couple the best methods of communication, because communication is an imperative ingredient that allows a healthy relationship to blossom and grow.

The AwakeConBal Couple Therapy Retreat approaches effectively issues of communication and communication breakdown within a relationship through proactive methods. Specifically we remind the couple why they fell in love in the first place, rekindle romance, excitement and adventure within the relationship, while in the process teaching them how to keep it alive once back in their daily life routine.

AwakeConBal Retreat through yoga will relax the physical body and open the emotional body, through Tai Chi and mediations learn how to connect to their internal power to empower themselves with confidence and increase their vivacious charms and through treatments remove any emotional blockage and/or career/life’s build up stress. A program of activity and treatments that has been carefully designed to ignite passion, rekindle romance and give a couple the opportunity to fall in love all over again.

Love is an emotion like all emotions, it needs attention and care to help keep it alive, it needs a constant flow of energy. Love is a positive emotion, and something to remember is that we can all easily slip into negative emotions and expend most of our energy keeping it alive.
A negative emotion is kept alive through dedicating our time, thought and attention constantly in the past and in the future -yet forgetting that when it is a positive emotions it is so very present, it is always living a moment in the “Now”, which is why when we first experience love it is so very exhilarating that it takes your breath away.
To keep love, a positive emotion alive is infinitely harder then to keep a negative emotion alive, because to keep it alive one must be always present.

The food for love that which fuels a lasting relationship is romance and with our technological advancement and materialistic living, romance is becoming harder to procure for a loving couple that wish to keep their love alive.

AwakeConBal Couple Therapy Retreat will address communication breakdown, learning how to keep romance alive in a technologically evolved society, work on trust and emotional issues and provide a program that will be fun, adventures and absolutely relaxing, all served in the lap of opulent luxury, for beauty and luxury are two ingredient that ignite the romantic senses to experience true passion.

The Luxury Retreat Package Will Include

  • Opulent And Luxurious Accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Sightseeing Activities Around The City
  • Superfood Health Plan & Juices
  • Maid Service
  • 30 Hours Of AwakeConBal Yoga (Yin & Yang)
  • 4 Hrs Of Visual Meditations
  • 2 Hrs Of Couple Consultations
  • 4 Hrs Romantic Treasure Hunt
  • 4 Hrs Of Communication Exercises
  • 4 Hrs Of Pranassage
  • 4 Hrs Of Chinese Massage
  • 4 Hrs Of Chakra Cleansing
  • 6 Hrs Of Emotional Storming
  • 6 Hrs Of Tai Chi
  • 2 Hrs Of Qi Gong
  • 4 Hrs Romantic Adventure
  • 3 Hrs Of Shared Couple Therapy

Price : £6,750.00

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