Unlimited One2One


Today January 2015, on the outside our modern world is thriving, technology speeding light years ahead of human evolution, communication becoming one as the world becomes smaller, social norms stretched beyond any imagination, science and information has crossed galaxies and travelled through worm holes and life is speeding by at such rate that no one can afford the time to even notice.

However, it appears that everything external and outside the human being, mostly material and mental has indeed thrived and exceeded past expectations and yet humanity has not evolved. Not in the least.

Civility, compassion, humility, modesty, virtue, honour, honesty, self-respect, integrity, empathy, generosity and kindness are but a few of the traits that seem to diminish with time. These qualities most certainly exists, but are rarely seen in humans as the modern world washes over humanity with more pressing traits, such as, consumption, greed, vanity, shallowness, arrogance, stupidity, self conceit, self importance, self absorption, depression, lust, addiction, illiteracy and narrow mindedness.

The distinction might be a harsh one, but it is a fairly honest representation of the demise of what makes us human, for we are not evolving as a race, but the regression of our social standards, communication and moral conduct in all our dealings across the board is painting a stark comparison of the picture of what we all once were as a race called humans.

Are We Bystanders
To Injustice?

How one views ones own created universe by ones own manifesting machine (mind) is ultimately our contribution to society, humanity, environment and the universe/cosmos at large.

No matter what our leaders, whether seen or unseen, our governments and all those in authority might entice and induce us to act and behave as part of a network within a given society; any and all choices inevitably is only down to the individual and the universe the individual chooses to create and live within. If one allows themselves to be swayed into behaving and taking action that is questionable to their ethics, morals and way of being, ultimately it was ones choice to be swayed and therefore it was ones choice to create the universe that such a choice would create as a consequence.

If a person decides to get drunk and drive, fully aware that drinking dulls the senses and as such will render the person incapable of making clear life dependent decisions in a moment of emergency, in the process killing another human being. It therefore was the choice of the individual to drive whilst drunk knowing that should an accident occur, someone may end up dead.

The knowledge is clear, the choice is crystal clear and the consequence of such a choice creating negative impact on ones personal universe is unquestionable.