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Evolved Conduct: Raising Your Confidence


Today January 2015, on the outside our modern world is thriving, technology speeding light years ahead of human evolution, communication becoming one as the world becomes smaller, social norms stretched beyond any imagination, science and information has crossed galaxies and travelled through worm holes and life is speeding by at such rate that no one can afford the time to even notice.

However, it appears that everything external and outside the human being, mostly material and mental has indeed thrived and exceeded past expectations and yet humanity has not evolved.  Not in the least.

Civility, compassion, humility, modesty, virtue, honour, honesty, self-respect, integrity, empathy, generosity and kindness are but a few of the traits that seem to diminish with time.  These qualities most certainly exists, but are rarely seen in humans as the modern world washes over humanity with more pressing traits, such as, consumption, greed, vanity, shallowness, arrogance, stupidity, self conceit, self importance, self absorption, depression, lust, addiction, illiteracy and narrow mindedness. 

The distinction might be a harsh one, but it is a fairly honest representation of the demise of what makes us human, for we are not evolving as a race, but the regression of our social standards, communication and moral conduct in all our dealings across the board is painting a stark comparison of the picture of what we all once were as a race called humans.

If only the opposite was true, one would not feel such shame that the animal kingdom is a far better species then 90% of humanity.  If the mind is what differentiate us from the animals and as a result we are a superior race, then this mind didn’t just let us down, but it has let the entire universe down due to our shameful regressed conduct.

There is no avoiding this regression in our educational standards, social conduct and obligations, morals and principles are almost vanishing in our communities with the new generations being so self absorbed that communication in the future will be through some kind of technology because they will not know how to be their true self.  Only an image of what media and government reformation programs had created.

Most people are so busy trying to survive or live the dream that is being pressed upon them to live that nobody is paying any attention to this decline, although its aftermath is daily on our screens in the form of educated brain washed human beings who are joining terrorist groups to cleanse the world from evil. 

Seriously such chaos and moral decline cannot be just brushed under the carpet to be forgotten and the reason it cannot is because that carpet is in our home and there is only so much we can brush under there before a mound turns into a hill.   That hill is already showing itself in most parts of the world with all the violence and hatred that is daily being bred.  We do not live in a time such as three centuries ago, where if a power hungry man wanted to invade, he would have to take himself and his army across a few weeks of travel before reaching his destination? Nor are we living at a time when the weaponry created delivers only the damage seen at the end of a sword.

Humanity needs to wake up and soon, because the time that we live in presently has the power to render humanity and our entire way of life extinct, if our human evolution as a whole does not match our mental (scientific and technological) and material evolution, which presently it absolutely does not.

So what does evolved conduct means in AwakeConBal philosophy?

It basically signifies that it is not the natural environment (nature/universe) that had forced all these changes, whether positive or negative, it matters not.  But it is humanity who forced it into being, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the consequence of which we are presently experiencing.

A human being is a very complex and inexplicable cosmic entity that science has shown that only one quark, when experimented with, showed the potential of exhibiting the same energy force as the sun!

This needs to be repeated, one quark, which is the smallest particle in the atom, has the potential to produce the same energy force as the sun, and a human being is made up of billions of intelligent inexplicable networks of quarks.

A human being does not need to change the environment or anybody or anything within the environment.  A human being does not charge up to another human being and use force, or any kind or type of violence in any shape or form.  A human being does not need to do anything except meditate on the thing they desire to happen or change, and it will be.  Because only one quark has the potential of creating and releasing the same energy force as the sun.

A change does not come from outside or will not occur to anything on the outside of the self –a change is internal.  If you need to make a change, then make it to yourself first and by doing so you would have changed your environment, influencing all those who exist in your environment to also be part of that change, inspiring them to change.

It is a rather loosely used term, but after one realises how powerful one truly is, then this term is no longer so insignificant; If you want to lead, then lead by example and be an example of an evolved human being, who is not simply evolved technologically and materially but evolved in conduct.

Only then can one truly comprehend the true essence of natural flair in confidence.

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Are We Bystanders To Injustice?


How one views ones own created universe by ones own manifesting machine (mind) is ultimately our contribution to society, humanity, environment and the universe/cosmos at large.

No matter what our leaders, whether seen or unseen, our governments and all those in authority might entice and induce us to act and behave as part of a network within a given society; any and all choices inevitably is only down to the individual and the universe the individual chooses to create and live within.  If one allows themselves to be swayed into behaving and taking action that is questionable to their ethics, morals and way of being, ultimately it was ones choice to be swayed and therefore it was ones choice to create the universe that such a choice would create as a consequence.

If a person decides to get drunk and drive, fully aware that drinking dulls the senses and as such will render the person incapable of making clear life dependent decisions in a moment of emergency, in the process killing another human being.  It therefore was the choice of the individual to drive whilst drunk knowing that should an accident occur, someone may end up dead.

The knowledge is clear, the choice is crystal clear and the consequence of such a choice creating negative impact on ones personal universe is unquestionable.

Making a choice such as drink driving might be appealing because it is risky and breaking the law to some might be attractive.  However, our universe is created by our choices, and those choices affect the universes that collide or intertwine with our own, such as family, friends and all those who may cross our path.

Yet most choices are not so clear and most choices are made due to social pressures and norms that impose themselves in ones life, so if one does not stand their ground, one may start drifting with the crowd like a sheep in a herd.

It is not the system that one should fight, nor a way of life that is different then our own, if we see injustice we do not have to rise against those who are unjust, nor do we have to stand up and fight something we do not completely understand because someone told us that we ought to, or showed us films and pictures of injustice so we may go to war and send our precious future generations to war.

Before we take action that might be foolish or be more harm then good, one must first stop and think, how injustice came into being.  If we are witnessing injustice, what we are witnessing is not a present moment; we are witnessing a consequence of collective choices born from intentional ideas that resulted from society’s neglect to stop and think.  So if everyone around you is either for or against injustice as it is happening, then the best action one can take in such a scenario is to stop and think.

A great change, a lasting change, a change that will stand the test of time, a change that will be immersed in positive humanitarian qualities, a change that will create an impact that will push human evolution does not come through force, anger and negative emotional drives.

If one has reached a threshold of desiring change, needing change and calling for change, whether this change is born from injustice on our planet, inhumane treatments in different parts of our planet, boredom with our daily life, a feeling of loss and confusion, fed up with our society, technology, modern way of living or being –whatever has triggered your mind into action to change, then the change one ought to seek is only the change that must happen from within.

Each human being is one universe, reflecting our own cosmos with its infinite galaxies and universes, if a human being wishes to make a change to their way of life, environment or simply stand up to injustice –then that human being must start by taking a self discovery journey to understand how to reach and become that change.  If one starts with the change from within, it will impact their entire universe, which in turn will impact all other intertwined universes to either inspire them to do the same or follow in the pattern of the star (YOU) that calls for that change in its orbit of experience.  Thus this change will then reflect out, further expanding to include more and more universes with time, introducing a subtle but highly effective ripple of positive change that begins with you, but will cover the entire ocean of universes that cross its path.

If one truly wishes to do something about injustice, then start with yourself, leave the result of humanity’s collective negative choices to play itself out, for after all let us not forget that Karma must work to balance all forces in our cosmos.   For every action there is a reaction and for every choice there is consequence, and no body can escape the fate of negative intentions.  If there is injustice, crimes, abuse or a social sickness that is eating away our humanity then we are all to blame.  Every single human being on this planet is to blame and no one is exempted, unless one is working hard to negate this negative cycle by working on oneself to better evolve into all that makes an individual a real human being with an awakened awareness.

To begin the change through a self-discovery journey is not an easy task or path to take, it is far easier to stand up and fight.  To start with the change from within, means to show incredible courage, focus and determination, only then can the journey unfold to help create and build the new foundations for a great change, a change that will touch the lives of anybody who may come across it.

One would not be standing by and doing nothing when injustice is carried out before ones eyes, one makes the greatest impact if one focused on oneself to change the injustice in the world through beginning with number one; yourself.

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How May I Evolve My Conduct?


“Do onto others as you would have them do onto you…”

Wisdom body/higher self is the governing layer of the human being that in AwakeConBal philosophy we believe had shaped your past, present and your future.  Therefore it is the wisdom body/higher self that inspires us to be our better selves, it attracts people, situations and circumstances into our sphere of experience (our universe) to either open our mind to new possibilities, indirectly provide us with an answer we seek or influence us into necessary action.

Evolved conduct requires the individual to acquire an awakened aware attitude in order to recognise the important role of the wisdom body, if the individual is blindly unaware of all the signs and messages sent by the wisdom body then a sense of loss and confusion begin to breed within the mental body, creating an internal imbalance through negative emotions and motivations that eventualhumanityphilosophyly extends externally.

An extended prolonged state of confusion and loss will lead to narrow mindedness, state of emotional despair that taints everything in the individual’s universe causing havoc and chaos born from an imbalance in the multidimensional layers.  The latter may resonate with some as they recognise a similar pattern in their own universe, if so this does not readily signify that one is past help.  It does signify however that through recognising and acknowledge a possible negative pattern that has the damaging potential of regressing your life’s potential, character and infinite possibilities to then take the necessary steps to bring your being back into balance through an awakened aware attitude.

Please Contact us to book your complimentary session with us to experience first hand AwakeConBal Lifestyle Philosophies.

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Steps To Awakened Aware Attitude


Many of us might be divided on what may be the source of self-empowerment, some may believe that money is power, leadership is power, information is power or even a huge following is power.

However as part of AwakeConBal lifestyle teaching and philosophy we believe that knowledge is power.  Knowledge for many a great mind from philosophers, leaders and serious academics has always been the real source of power.

When we dissect the meaning behind knowledge being the source of power, one may find that only through knowledge can a human being expand, develop and evolve.  Meanwhile if we are to look at the bigger picture, collectively when one human being develops, their mental awareness expands and thus evolve.  This one human being also represents the awareness, development, expansion and evolution of a society at large, as one evolves the rest follow.

The latter points to a rather interesting development in our modern societies; if most individuals are raised to believe that the source of power is anything but knowledge by our governments and leaders, then perhaps the intention is not to evolve humanity into the next sphere of awareness, being and experience!
Perhaps the intention is to divert the attention off that very path into another that would render humanity more controllable, in order to follow rules, regulations and everything else as voluntary slaves to the system.

In truth our societies are littered with distractions and too much information, it therefore makes it hard to focus and see a clear cut path to follow, which makes it all the more important to acquire as much knowledge as possible to make the choices more clear.  All knowledge is made available under a mountain of misinformation, which leaves the individual to work out what is real from what is not.  It boils down to survival of the fittest, in thought, emotional intelligence as well as spirituality. 

Except most people are unaware of the slave system one may have volunteered for, most believe they are free to express and be who and what they truly are, except how can that possibly be when most are brain washed to think and behave within a social norm that is to their determent?  
The fittest would not volunteer into a system that would dumb the senses as it takes control of ones life, and the fittest would evolve despite all the distractions and misinformation, the fittest will always rise to walk their destined path.

Because that is what makes them fittest, they would not fall in the same traps as the average person would!

An awakened aware attitude would allow the person to know all the foundation knowledge and information to build on in order to develop, grow and evolve always into a better being. 

The first step is education (read, research, explore and experience), however keep these conditions in mind when following through the first step, for knowledge is power and to gain true knowledge one must educate oneself.

The conditions to remember when starting the education process are:

·     Always remain open minded to all information so one may observe the bigger picture of the knowledge one seeks

·      Always be prepared to start from square one and some processes might take longer then others in leaving square one, due perhaps to ones mind objecting to move past the analyses that must be deduced from the information at hand

·   Experience with an open mind and dedication but never make any information, no matter how solid it may appear to be, your pillar of truth, because all information evolve and change according to the relative universal truths of science that is constantly changing and evolving

·     In order to evolve, so must you evolve with all information, circumstances and situations that may occur all around you

·      Be very aware of any organisation of any sort that has definite set pillars of truths, which asks you to follow them blindly.  If you must follow anything, then follow the voice within you and not that of those who wish to control you in any manner of ways, only you should possess such control

·   Always speak your truth, remain centred within to see your truth, no matter how painful always confront your truth for it is the only way to evolve into an awakened aware being

·    AwakeConBal philosophy is an evolving way of being that follows these conditions in order to present our members with new evolved methods of learning, expanding, developing and experiencing that would aid in their process of awakened awareness

In the end there is no movement if one stood still, similarly there would be no evolved development if one did not seek, practise and experience an awakened awareness to life and the universe that surrounds us.

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I Do Not Have The Capabilities To Acquire An Awakened Aware Attitude!


Every single human being is the same, no matter what one may know or believe, no matter where we come from and whom we are, no matter how slow or fast we are in our daily life; we are the same except we all come with different offerings to expand and evolve humanity.

A different set of readily available skills or natural talents, something that one might possess a natural flair in, while other areas of ones character might exist to challenge us to learn through perfecting them.  AwakeConBal philosophy is that the talents/skills that we come down to earth naturally gifted in are our offerings to expand and evolve humanity.  While the talents/skills that we might need to work on to perfect is what will expand and evolve our own being by bringing us understanding of balance and growth to everything we are connected to outside ourselves.   Therefore we must work hard to gather all the knowledge necessary in order to aid ourselves to grow further in that direction and become one with everything internally as well as externally.  By working on our challenges we grow, develop and evolve into our better selves and thus reaching an awakened aware attitude towards environment, our created universe and ourselves.

By limiting oneself through stating that we are incapable of achieving a certain goal because we feel we are not as intelligent or great as others, only spells out mental laziness.  By not applying oneself to start and complete an important challenge within a task that has the potential to evolve you into an awakened aware human being, one would be knowingly refusing to live, experience in order to grow. 

Survival of the fittest means that one must rise to any challenge and ensure that enough dedication and determination drives the task to completion, because your survival depends on it.  If completing a task became a matter of ones survival, the motivation to survive becomes all consuming that any given task will be completed.

An awakened aware attitude allows one to use the latter perspective to aid in starting and seeing through to completion any given challenge as presented by a new task.  Therefore by pushing past our limitations in order to complete a challenge and as we reach the end goal of our challenge, we grow further and reach higher levels of awareness through the new knowledge and experience we had just lived through.

The question one must ask oneself before entering any task, “Am I fit enough to complete this given task or am I to be left behind with the rest of the followers when the fittest will lead on to survive into a new state of being?”

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