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Awakened Treatment:  Work With Your Potential


When one is first introduced to the term awakened treatment, it might immediately inspire interest as to what kind of treatment it might be and how it would work?

As the philosophy of AwakeConBal Lifestyle is centred around the awakening, confidence and balance building of ones multidimensional layers, the awakened treatments serve the purpose of grounding, opening, unblocking, release and connection of all elements involved to aid with reaching the desired end goal successfully.

The treatments work to compliment AwakeConBal Lifestyle, for at times the activities would yield better results or would necessitate more specific attention through treatment to open up the necessary channels for the activity to reach its maximum potential.

As the AwakeConBal Lifestyle awakening activities become part of ones weekly routine, deeper levels of awareness begin to surface and unlock, some areas one might discover can be ‘energetically’ blocked, such as chakras.  A chakra being a specific energy centre that correlates with an area in your own life/universe, therefore if it is blocked it would cease to function properly and would thereafter create an imbalance in ones emotional flow, perception and mental deductions/choices. 

If left unattended over a long period of time, the blockage takes a deeper root, prevents one from practising any activity (yoga, meditation or breathing) that would force the mental body to address and confront this blockage.  If one continues to ignore the signs and symptoms, the blocked chakra inhibits the physical body with a terminal illness, even at this point one might still be too afraid to acknowledge and/or treat what started off as a simple problem with the necessary attention and care it requires.

Pranassage is a treatment unconventional in nature, born from yoga practise and is designed to unblock trapped energy, activate chakra centres, ground the receiver, and allow for better energy flow.  It is intensely relaxing and allows for a deeper connection and understanding of yoga practise, by increasing flexibility and aiding in correct breathing and postures.

Pranassage is a relatively new treatment/application in Europe but it has become very popular in the US, however due to a few practitioners able to give a Pranassage session, it is in very high demand in London, but an experience not to be missed.   If one is able to book oneself a session, it will be one of many as it is a highly effective treatment that addresses stress and blockages very effectively with immediate results. 

Please note that due to high demand AwakeConBal Pranassage is booked months in advance, please book your session and/or keep your name on a waiting list for any cancellation.

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