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I Cannot Lose Weight No Matter What I Do?

The social norms of modern societies today appear to be becoming more and more beauty and health conscious, with weight being the focal point of both health and beauty, needless to say for both are linked.A healthy body is a beautiful body, not only in shape, form and appearance, but a healthy body radiates energy, confidence and youth for those are the elements that would render it attractive.All media outlets advertise countless diets, fitness programs and lifestyle ideas promising a beautiful healthy body targeting to entice and attract you as a new customer, and most with hard work will eventually help you reach your goal.  However, some of us might go through many diets, intense fitness programs and spend time, energy and money with little or no satisfactory results, as you begin to feel hopeless for no matter what you do, you simply cannot shed all the weight you desire.  As a result for most of us we begin to feel emotionally and mentally drained in the process as losing weight slowly takes over our entire life, meanwhile slowly depression starts to surface.The real issue is that when dealing with reforming the physical body, most diets will work for a while until the body becomes accustomed to the regime and it would thereafter no longer work.  A fitness program might consume your life in constant struggle to stay in shape and as a result would cause an imbalance in other parts of your daily life.   While lifestyles ideas will need a constant input and the right information in order to ensure that a balance is reached across the board to gain and keep a healthy lifestyle.

One of the main reasons why diets, fitness programs and flyby lifestyle ideas do not seem to work for some people is because there might be deeper issues at play that must also be addressed to reach a healthy beautiful body.

AwakeConBal Lifestyle philosophy is that the human being is not one single entity that has the absolute power to control and make choices/decisions based singularly from one body of awareness!  The human being is a multidimensional being that is made up of many entities that act like layers of consciousness and awareness, the physical body being the first, the second being the breath (emotion), the third being the mental (ego personality) and so on and so forth (please click here to read more on AwakeConBal Philosophy).

If a person is unable to reach the end result of a goal they had set for themselves, and they do not suffer any biochemical deficiency in their physical body that would hinder their progress, then the issue might arise from the mental body or the emotional body that is causing a blockage in the progress of the fitness program.  Please remember that a healthy body also means a healthy mind (healthy attitude and strong discipline) and healthy emotions, for all three must be worked on at the same time to reach a desired goal of a healthy beautiful body.

For those who are able to reach desired results from their diets, fitness programs or chosen lifestyle, it is because their mental and/or emotional bodies already work in unison with their physical body and perhaps for some unaware that the body does or can.  In such cases ones mental and/or emotional body can be hyper active and can motivate itself into specific action, while keeping it focused, determined and disciplined until the end and beyond.

If one is unable to motivate oneself into disciplined action through determination and focus, in AwakeConBal Lifestyle Philosophy it simply means that ones multidimensional layers is disconnected and unbalanced.  If one is serious about reaching a beautiful body, then one must be willing to work on connecting mental willingness (mind) through intention (emotion) to command the physical (body) to follow through.

Such a process will require an altogether different discipline and fitness program to make it succeed, however there is no point in starting such a program if one is unwilling to see it through.

At AwakeConBal Lifestyle we do not entice our customers to join our activities so we may work on them and keep them in our classes for as long as possible under the pretence of helping them lose weight.  We introduce our practitioners to the real issues of why a human being starts to accumulate weight and why some people are more apt then others to gain and keep it.

The tailor made fitness plans we offer are intensive, require extreme discipline and daily dedication, so if the client does not suffer from a biochemical dysfunction of the body (for example a thyroid gland problem), then our tailor made program will guarantee the weight lose within 6-8 weeks based on a vigorous military style daily routine overseen by our Lifestyle Coaches in an isolated luxury environment that helps our practitioners connect with themselves and nature.

To gain a beautiful body that is fit and healthy, and to maintain it effortlessly thereafter, not only the food consumption must be changed, but the daily routine, attitude and motivation must also reflect a change in lifestyle and awareness.  If the lifestyle and awareness does not change, then any weight loss or perk in health is temporary until the normality of daily life come back into play, then the weight piles on again.

What AwakeConBal Fitness Program aims to achieve is to introduce the change with awareness, apply it daily for 6-8 weeks so the physical, emotional and mental bodies become accustomed to the new routine in order for the practitioner to take it home with them.  The fitness program will not only discipline the physical body, but the emotions and the mind for the success of the transformation to resonate on every level and become deep rooted in your muscle memory.

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