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Power Of Freedom

Power Of Freedom

Freedom is not simply a state of being; Freedom is a state of mind.

To live, to be born and experience life in all its glory, beauty and wonders is a birth right of every single human being who enters the sphere of material reality.

Life is a gift to be lived and experienced in all its many facets, from joy to pain, happiness to sadness, the beautiful to the ugly, good & bad, positive to negative, poverty to riches and even from black to white!

Each is a side of the same coin, one side works as a teacher and the other as a student, one is growth and the other is harmonic stillness, or one builds strength while the other defines an experience.

A deep appreciative understanding would not exist without experiencing the sour before tasting the sweet!  If everything was sweet, then how could one know the worth and value of this sweetness if there was nothing else to compare it to?

In experiencing life with awareness and an open mind, we evolve into more awakened beings as our cycle of experiences become ever more challenging, ever more enlightening.

The true Power Of Freedom is to create without inhibition, to speak without fear, to learn with an open mind, to live exactly as desired, to choose without reservation, and to share or offer this gift unconditionally.  It is not something that can be taken from you, for even a prisoner behind thick bars can still be 100% free.

Freedom is a state of mind that allows you to live constantly evolving cycles of experiences for without Freedom one simply cannot evolve!

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The Calm Within The Storm

Calm Within The Storm

Sometimes a storm appears on our path, threatening us as it provokes a feeling of loneliness and darkness.  As a result we feel misunderstood and confused, suddenly finding ourselves drowning in a sea of negativity,  confronted by crossroads, which we cannot even see past the fog of our fears and doubts.

How often has each one of us experienced such storms of change that turn our world upside down?  Yet a powerful storm is indeed a gift – if only we knew!  A storm born from within or from our environment of experience is a cosmic gift for everything to be turned upside down for a hidden and valuable life changing truth to appear.

If we reacted in a panic with deep anxiety over the presence of the storm, we would be too preoccupied with our own fears to see the earth shattering truth that would allow us to choose correctly a new destined path.

There is an Art to becoming the Calm Within The Storm, for serenity, balance and measured silence are the very skills of an aware human being who understands that weathering any storm will turn one stronger, more determined and focused.  Yet once the storm has passed, the light will shine on the new reality and the correct choice that was chosen at the crossroads.

An AwakeConBal practitioner is dedicated to awakening the human multidimensional layers in order to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to become The Calm Within The Storm.To understand that nothing can ever touch you without your permission, nothing can ever influence you without your permission and to learn the art of becoming the calm within the storm is a gift that only you can give to yourself.

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AwakeConBal: Awakened Child & Parent Playgroup

Awakened Child & Parent

The children are our future; they are the continuation of our evolved consciousness! Each parent, no matter how preoccupied with life in general, no matter how hard they work to become the backbone of security, nurturing support and financially provide to the future of the family and the education of their children, should relate and be aware of the following:

  1. In order to allow a healthy, balanced and independently confident development of the child’s physical, mental and emotional awareness, each parent must dedicate at least a few hours a week to work on nurturing those developments as parent and child through fun educational activities.
  2. Although for most of us sending the child to school is a beautiful and rewarding experience, no matter how capable and wonderful a teacher might be, a teacher is unable to give 100% constant attention, nurture and care to every child’s need within her class. Therefore those few hours a week attending an awakened playgroup allows the parent to connect to the child to assess their child’s awareness, development and growth in different areas. This time serves to identify the weak and strong areas of development that may require their nurturing attention.
  3. Building lasting and solid bonds of communication, understanding and trust between child & parent is the focus and aim of the Awakened Playgroups. How can a child be expected to develop and grow to communicate and trust the parents, if the parents were too busy to spend those precious few hours a week to build that bond of trust and correct communication? It is too late once the child has grown and developed with the idea that his/her parents are too busy to listen, understand and support his/her needs,even if the parents were busy to be the financial providers that would secure their future,. To a child, material support has no value and no base, for nothing can equate the love and support of a “PRESENT” parent.
  4. For parents who are home schooling their children, our playgroups are designed specifically for parents who wish to be part of their child’s daily education. At AwakeConBal, we aim to create an environment for a child to mix with other children in order for their social consciousness needs to be met, to increase their social confidence and balance within social surroundings – but at the same time the parent is PRESENT to watch and guide their child’s education, growth and development in their social environment.
  5. The playgroups will focus on learning and developing focus and growth through creativity, arts, music, adventure play and yoga. The child will blossom through learning creatively about social and scientific information –with the aim of surpassing the current curriculum level at local pre-schools.

Intrigued to find out more? Please book an Awakened parent meeting with Lauren: to meet us to talk more about the 3 hour playgroups that will be starting in Jan 2016.

Please note:  AwakeConBal is a bespoke yoga studio based in Chelsea, for small groups only, the Awakened Parent & Child playgroups will be held from 2-5pm from Monday to Friday.  These are private playgroups only @ £60 per session.

Management reserves the right to refuse parent and child entry based on social attitude and norms of child & parent.  These groups are for like-minded parents, specifically aimed for the convenience of parents who are home schooling, who pay great attention to child’s diet, education, environment and creative focused growth and increased intelligence.

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Life Is A Gift

Life Is A Gift
A father divided his fortune and gave his three sons equal shares to do with as they pleased, and asked them to return in a few years to inform him how well they faired with their fortunes.
One son drunk gambled and lived lavishly with his fortune, the second invested it well and turned it into a thriving business and the third hid the money so he would never see it to spend it.
The first son apologised for wasting his fortune and his father replied,
“I am proud of you son –for you have spent my gift to learn a valuable lesson”
The second son was happy to announce his thriving fortune and his father replied,
“I am proud of you son –for you have spent my gift and made it grow”
The third son was pleased to announce the return of the exact money that had been given to him, and to this his father replied,
“I am disappointed in you son –I gave you a gift to enjoy and learn from –but instead you have allowed your fears to waste it away”

Life is a gift –the ever present! That is exactly what life is, a ‘present’ that must be unwrapped, experienced and enjoyed, and to master it, one must live constantly in the present, for the past, present and future are all one –existing only in one constant –the present.

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Responsibility, Empathy, Compassion & Consideration

Heart Chakra
A very wealthy man decides to visit a friend of his, but when he arrived, his friend asked him if he could please take his shoes off and leave them outside the door when he enters. The wealthy man took off his very expensive shoes and did as he was bid.
A beggar walked past and stole the shoes. Later when the wealthy man discovered his shoes were stolen he began to cry bitterly, so his friend asked him,
“Why are you crying my friend? You can afford to buy fifty more of the same shoes,”
“I am not crying about the shoes my friend,” replied the man, “I am crying because my vanity and inconsideration had caused another human being to believe himself a thief, so I have contributed in turning a human being in need into a thief, for he will think because he had done it once, he might as well do it again –but if I had not left the temptation in his path, he might now not believe that he was the sinner, when the sin was my own”

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