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One Is Not Alive If One Is Not Balanced

A mass awakening is happening worldwide, humanity’s collective consciousness is rising with more and more people waking up to who they are, what they wish to be and which path is the one to walk!

To be balanced does not only mean to work out so one is physically lean and toned, or simply read and research to expand the mind and evolve through new knowledge!

To be balanced would also require the person to understand that balance beings with the food that one ingests, for we are what we eat.

To be balanced would also require the person to balance the emotional body and spiritual body, which although this process can be reached through daily application of Yoga or something similar, one might speed up the process by adding further treatments and activities. One such important activity is To start healthy eating and attitude Programs.

Due to modern way of living, especially our eating habits, AwakeConbal lifestyle philosophy focuses on the first requirement to reach internal balance, which would pave the way for all the other multidimensional layers to follow suit. What one ingests affects the balance of all the other layers of our multidimensional selves; therefore our dedication to promoting awareness through healthy eating habits from infancy to adulthood is paramount to creating ones stepladder to internal balance.

To really understand our modern day eating habits one must first look back into our history. In the past one hundred years not only has technology leaped light years forward, but so has the chemicals in our food. In fact our daily intake of the healthiest food would still include a large percentage of synthetics as a result, not including the horrors of GM foods.

What appears to be amazing is how the majority of humanity has not figured out that the rise in cancer and terminal illnesses correspondence not only to the high use of technology, which does have an impact, but more directly from the food we ingest.

A useful note to keep in mind, the cycle of bad food and eating habits reflect how we have contributed to the waste of our planet’s resources. The latter is in itself a perfect example of how every single human being, whether willing or unwillingly had contributed to the injustice against our planet and therefore ultimately ourselves.

These corporation giants did not and do not force any consumers to eat their products, the choice is always left to the consumer. However, the giants would entice and seduce their consumers through beautiful marketing and advertising campaigns that would work relentlessly to persuade you to eat and use their products.

As such it is imperative that you as the consumer become aware of all and everything that enters your body and do not take anybody’s word for it, especially not doctors! for after all doctors are not nutritionists or food experts and as such they themselves might not even be aware of the dangers of synthetic foods.

An example that makes one wonder, if it can be at all possible that the doctors appear to be so unaware to the dangers of certain food, or perhaps they are pressured into keeping with the giant’s façade that processed food is good for you?