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As humanity evolve so does our awareness. This awareness bestows great power and an even greater responsibility. This responsibility is not only to the self but to the extension of our self that will carry forth our genes, our knowledge, our heritage and our civilisation into the future That we teach as parents.

The role of parent had never been contemplated nor understood as much as it is today. An aware parent is one who understands and undertake their role as guides to the seeds of tomorrow’s generation to the best of their knowledge and ability. For each human becomes an immortal when they give birth to an extension of themselves.

tThe greatest most magnificent piece of artistic creation that is co-created between two humans and the universe, for the purpose of continuation and evolution.

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A new life is like a beautiful book waiting to be written, with pages that are clean and crisp ready to tell a story. this story will live on forever as it will influence future events and shape future minds.

if we look at our children as books waiting to be written, perhaps then we may have a better understanding of how absolutely aware parents must be of every detail that would affect the body of the story.

As such a parent may wish to study the characters that will have the privilege of entering the story, the environment that would affect the flow of the story, the information that would give depth and beauty to the story and most importantly the ink (food) that will write the story.


In daily life how we view situations, people and circumstances and how we react to each in turn determines ones attitude.

An attitude is the emotional perception and reaction based on ones life experience, belief system, cultural background and education, which echoes ones overall character.

As most people’s mental body is preoccupied with the odious chores of daily life, the emotional body is just as active possessing its own unique method of perception beyond the five senses attributed to mental awareness.

The emotional body perceives the emotional impulse and motivation of everything and all that surrounds it, from people, objects to events, and as such the emotional body contributes its impressions through attitude. All forms of attitudes before they are enacted or displayed would normally be filtered through the mind, in order to add the imprint of experience, education and belief system. In most cases if an attitude is wholly intuitive, as most might be due to their validity springing from an emotional observation, the mental body would then adjust them accordingly to the predetermined backdrop of education, culture and experience.

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The benefits of Yoga and its daily application cannot be emphasised enough and no matter how much one might read about it nor as fluently as I might wish to describe it, nothing but the experience of it would ever do the practise justice.

The only other experience that requires a similar realisation is being a parent for the first time, for no amount of words or second hand experiences can ever prepare one for the actual role, whether emotionally, practically or morally. That experience is absolutely impossible to describe to another until the person in question lives it whole-heartedly.

However, if I were to describe the experience of yoga in one sentence, then I would say; When finally the daily practise of yoga aligns ones core energy points, awaken ones multidimensional selves and allows for balanced calm in all daily activities, choices and relationships; one is left only marvelling on how was it ever possible to have lived and believed oneself to be alive without yoga.

Yoga is that profoundly powerful as An instrumental tool in assisting to better understand oneself, ones environment and everything that exists in-between.


To learn the practise and philosophy of meditation and apply the discipline and patience necessary to reap its benefits would be one of the most powerful and excellent tools for any human being.

Meditation can be likened to the act of prayer; the correct application of prayer can produce similar results to that of meditation. In point of fact if one learnt how to practise the art of meditation correctly, then one would be performing prayers and applying their intentions correctly.

Prayer can be viewed and applied as a movement meditation, this correlation was discovered while on a personal intensive journey of self-discovery, both applications were part of the daily routines to better balance and understand the multidimensional layers. Though both will yield similar personal results/goals/aims, both serve very different purposes, a prayer is the act of acknowledging all positives and negatives in ones life, repenting the negatives and being grateful for the positives, while attempting to communicate with the higher creative forces that might be able to aid or guide ones plight on the earthly plane.

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When one is first introduced to the term awakened treatment, it might immediately inspire interest as to what kind of treatment it might be and how it would work?

As the philosophy of AwakeConBal Lifestyle is centred around the awakening, confidence and balance building of ones multidimensional layers, the awakened treatments serve the purpose of grounding, opening, unblocking, release and connection of all elements involved to aid with reaching the desired end goal successfully.

The treatments work to compliment AwakeConBal Lifestyle, for at times the activities would yield better results or would necessitate more specific attention through treatment to open up the necessary channels for the activity to reach its maximum potential.

As the AwakeConBal Lifestyle awakening activities become part of ones weekly routine, deeper levels of awareness begin to surface and unlock, some areas one might discover can be ‘energetically’ blocked, such as chakras.