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Awakened Parent Workshop

The role of being a parent is probably one of the hardest and most complex roles a human being would ever encounter or undertake.  Firstly there is no handbook that outlines how to execute the role correctly, although there are many books that aim to help guide new parents into finding their own comfort zone in their new role.  Secondly due to every human child being different and an individual, therefore each would require a different method of communication, consideration and upbringing, which is why it is practically impossible to write a handbook that would benefit all parents on how to raise a child.

Except there are some areas that parents can oversee and ensure it reflects their ideals and life views.

Every single existing parent will tell you that the parent role is a trial and error experience, and that we are all students to the very end, for as much as we are guiding this new being on how to live and operate in the world at large, through our children we learn more about ourselves whether in flaws or excellence of character.  Therefore parenthood is a journey of deep self-discovery and self improvement, for no parent would wish to extend their flawed character to their offspring, the extension of themselves that will live on and become the future of tomorrow.

If as a parent we strive to leave our imprint in history, so let it be that our children will carry forth a better and more evolved version of us to build an advanced open society of tomorrow.

An Awakened Parent Workshop is designed to introduce parents who wish to be more involved in their children’s environment, eating habits, education and overall wellbeing and integration within society.  Parents of like minds have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, tips, experience and knowledge from their parenting role, and by doing so create a caring and nurturing community that best fits and meets the parents goals and criteria for raising their child with the freedom of choosing the non-conventional lifestyle, if they so wished.

The workshops will look at different views and attitudes of an evolved awakened parent and how to balance parenting with an ambitious career, social awareness of dangers and misinformation that can be harmful to ourselves and children and finally how to create playgroups that would fulfil our special requirements for our children.

For example, I am a parent who has an extensive understanding about food and eating habits, as such I still cannot find a playgroup nor nursery setting that would meet my standard of food administration and education.  Although I know quite a few parents who share my exact sentiments, so by getting together we can create our own safe environment for our children that would protect our ideals, their health and wellbeing.

If you are a parent who share the same passion for alternative unconventional parenting as an aware awakened parent, if you have your own ideas, information and experience that you would like to share to increase and further the awareness of like minded parents, then please join our workshop, we will be happy to meet and welcome you.

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