Unlimited One2One

“Sweat The Toxins, Infuse Every Atom With Positive Energy & Kick Start Your Day
With Creative Determination & Focus!”

THE PHILOSOPHY: Designed perfectly for those who are low in energy and wish to start their day with a refreshing boost of positively charged intentions, setting the mood for the entire day. It is best suited for yogis who have practised yoga for over a year, as it will be fast and energetic flows of yogic postures.

Kundalini rising aims to open up your energy centres (Chakras) allowing them to flow to the 7th Chakra, in order to increase mental activity and awareness, alertness and creativity while allowing for a better blood flow with the repetitive use of yogic Fire breath.
The lesson will also focus on mental imagery and aim to induce movement meditations to better release, relax and rejuvenate the first three layers of the multidimensional selves.

The effects of AwakeConBal Yoga will start to show within the first two months of practise and will slowly begin to help the practitioner reshape mental awareness, state of being and social behaviour in general, allowing for a balanced contented lifestyle that offsets daily demands, pressure and social conditioning.

Benefits Of ACB Yang Yoga

  • Practise With A Teacher’s Teacher & Lifestyle Coach Zsena Kali Raio Kay (Limited Time Only)
  • Hardcore Muscle Building
  • Fast & Highly Active To Increase Stamina & Energy
  • Increases Physical, Emotional & Mental Endurance
  • Allows The Kundalini Energy To Rise To Head Chakra To Increase Mental Focus & Creativity
  • Suitable For Regular Practitioners Of Yoga
  • Activates The Higher Chakra Centres
  • Teaches Advanced Meditation Movement & Breathing
  • Infuses The Practitioner With A Positive Daily Start & Attitude
  • Allows For Blocked Energy/Emotions To Move & Be Released From The Body
  • Teaches Advanced Breathing Techniques
  • Allows For Advanced Mental, Emotional & Physical Awareness
  • Allows For Advanced Communication & Deeper Understanding Of Self

Please Note: All Our Classes Are A Premium Personal Service For Small Group Only

AwakeConBal Hatha Yang Yoga Per 60 Min. Class = £16

One2One Yang Yoga Session With Teacher’s Teacher ZKRK For 90 Minutes @£120

Ten 60 Min. Classes Of AwakeConBal Hatha Yang @ £14 Per Class = £140