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“Exploring & Training Voice In Hatha Postures With Yogic Breathing”

AwakeConBal Vocal Yoga (Exploring & Training Voice In Hatha Postures With Yogic Breathing) is another very unique fresh twist on yoga, breathing and fifth Chakra manipulation that has rarely been combined and applied to the professional degree, which we have the pleasure of offering to our AwakeConBal Yoga practitioners for the first time.
The class is focused on activating the fifth chakra through the application of exercises by a professional vocal teacher. This will be achieved by using yogic breath and postures to unlock the practitioner’s vocal potential, relaxing the muscles, energising the body with correct breathing and utilising yogic postures to reach the musical notes to create a wider vocal range.
The unique design of practising yoga to train vocal cords, while learning the correct application and breathing techniques to hit and hold musical notes will be an effective vocal training lesson that will yield astounding results in a very short time.
The combination of both these elements allows for a perfect union in achieving targeted vocal outcomes.
AwakeConBal Vocal Yoga will be conducted with two teachers, a professional vocal coach and yoga teacher. The classes have been a raging success and we are in the process of expanding to include more classes, therefore please check and book if there are any availability and do email us a request to join future class so we may add your name to our waiting list.

To achieve the best results that are the most effective, we highly recommend a minimum of two lessons per week. Please contact us for a complimentary class at your convenience.

AwakeConBal Vocal Yoga Per 60 Min. Class = £25

Ten 60 Min. Classes Of AwakeConBal Vocal Yoga @ £20 Per Class = £200