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AwakeConBal Treatments

All Our Treatments Are Designed To Compliment AwakeConBal Yoga And Lifestyle Programs Working To
Move & Unblock Trapped Energy, Allow For Deeper Mental Awareness, Provide A Deeper
Release Of Tension And Stress To Enjoy A Better And More Healthier Lifestyle

The opening, refreshing and closing of the seven energy centres for a better flow of energy and activity in each centre respectively. The Chakras represent a different area of our life, how we relate to that area, communicate and respond to that area depends on how open or blocked the respective chakra might be. Also how open or blocked are the chakras will also correspondence to how the energy will flow through our yoga, for example, if a specific chakra is blocked it would also block our continuous application of yoga and unconsciously pressure our mental body to stop practising yoga.

The chakra centres are found in many spiritual practices from a variety of cultures and are utilised and acknowledged/understood through different means, although all may have practically the same function and/or application. Yet each culture might add more/different depth and knowledge of these energy centres that would benefit vastly all those who wish to utilise it.

Treatment Time 60min £175

Pranassage is massage through yoga and if one has not had the pleasure of experiencing a Pranassage session to date, then it will be an experience that will be unforgettable, for never again will one seek any other message that is more effective in deep stress relief and relaxation better than a Prananssage session.

Please note as there are not many Pranassage practitioners, therefore it is in very high demand and a private booking must be booked well in advance unless one registers to be on our waiting list for any cancellations.

Pranassage is a very close contact application, where the body of the practitioner will be used to massage and apply the weight to the receiver to ground and release muscle tension, unblocking trapped energy and allowing for a better blood and energy flow. Also acts as a healing alternative therapy, Pranassage will open your emotional body and physical body to completely let go of any negative situation or experience.

Treatment Time 60min £250

The treatment is designed for couples with communication issues that wish to address them constructively and productively. The treatment aims to teach the couple how to learn to listen to one another and open up emotionally to communicate their deepest desires and expectations from their relationship. The session is 100% confidential and will aim to find productive alternative solutions to rekindle romance, adventure and excitement to help keep the relationship alive.

The session will include one to one discussions, meditation techniques and breathing techniques to help couples reach deeper levels of communication by awakening their emotional body to respond through alternative means.

Treatment Time 60min £250