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The founder of AwakeConBal Lifestyles, Zsena Kali Raio Kay will be launching her AwakeConBal Yoga School in 2016. The school will boast a comprehensive syllabus teaching future yoga teachers, all the founded philosophies of AwakeConBal lifestyle that will include enlightened mind and body, healthy eating, evolved conduct, as well as the importance of the aware parent and child education for the purpose of a better tomorrow.
The teaching course will also include teaching the treatments incorporated in AwakeConBal Lifestyle.

Due to the growing demand for AwakeConBal lifestyle activities, treatments and retreats, we will be offering jobs for some of our graduates to work within our organisation. For those who shortlist their names to join in one of the first groups to start in our school, will likely have a higher chance of securing a job in our organisation, based on first come, first served.

Please make enquires and add your name to our shortlist, we will contact you as soon as we launch the school syllabus.