Unlimited One2One

“Give Your Toddler The Gift Of Increased Creativity, Intelligence,
Awareness And Social Confidence”

Not only will yoga train and teach the child to be health conscious with healthy eating habits, but will help the child to learn how to deal with the pressure of growth, life challenges and social consciousness in a calm, effective and creative manner. Allowing for a yogi toddler to interact more effectively in their environment with a heightened sense of emotional awareness.

Please note that availability is limited, check our calendar and book your space to guarantee your place in our classes. The classes are for parent and toddler and they are 45 mins in length.

AwakeConBal Parent & Toddler Yoga Per 45 Min. Class = £25

Ten 45 Min. Classes Of AwakeConBal Parent & Toddler Yoga @ £18 Per Class = £180