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A Selection Of Highly Sought After Retreats That Guarantees To Relax, Uplift And Address Important Lifestyle Issues Focusing On The Body, Emotion, Mind And Spirit

Welcome To Our Selection Of Exclusive Luxury Retreats, We Do Not Promise A Memorable Holiday Filled With Comforts And Serious Amount Of Lounging! We Guarantee A Life Changing Luxury Experience That Is Wildly Intense To Ensure That Every Drop Of Stress Is Released From Your Body, Emotions And Mind In Order To Free Your Spirit.

AwakeConBal proudly presents a selection of tailor made lifestyle retreats that focuses on the four areas of an individual’s lifestyle that most need attention, relaxation and therapy.
Each packaged program is packed filled with activities and treatments, which have a daily start from 5am to 9pm. The programs target individuals who are serious about changing their daily life patterns, from eating to social behaviour.
Depending on the individual’s dedication to the program’s activities and treatments, the program promises to introduce daily disciplines and routines that would assist the participant to make serious lifestyle changes. The latter in turn would create a shift in mental awareness, social interaction, emotional awareness and intelligence and an overall change of attitude towards life across the spectrum.

AwakeConBal Lifestyle Retreats are held in the lap of luxury to enhance the experience of the senses while indulging in intense program of activities and treatments, both elements complimenting each other perfectly. Following the completion of one activity that will be held surrounded by beauty and nature, each participants will have a period of relaxation or treatment to enjoy the luxury of the Villa and our delicious superfood health menus as created by our resident fine chef.

The grounds of the luxurious villa will host a number of relaxing treatments and opulent lounges with our resident DJ playing southing sounds to complete and compliment the AwakeConBal experience.

The main activities of Yoga, Tai Chi and three of the important stress and emotional blockage treatments will be included in all programs, but each program will have a specific schedule that address the requirements of the retreat, focusing activities and treatments to ensure the end goal of the package. For Example, the Fitness Retreat will have more vigorous body focused exercises/activities and food plan, while couple therapy will introduce communication building activities, tailor made romantic excursions/activities to help couples rediscover/teach the importance of rekindling romance and how to keep it alive.

Each retreat will include a maximum of 9-18 participants at any one time, in one opulently luxurious villa accommodation.