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AwakeConBal Provides Comprehensive Fitness Plans That
Guarantees 80% Weight Loss Within 8 Weeks

We are in the process of updating our existing fitness plans, so please be kind enough to be a little patient for the new updates to be uploaded.

Our comprehensive fitness plans are normally held for upto two weeks to a month in a luxury mansion in one of the UK’s beautiful countryside. A varied schedule of events that will include military style activities and time keeping to kick the participants butt into shape and form, under rigid supervision.

The fitness plan will include food and juice menus that will be strictly administrated to ensure a balanced healthy diet that will be nutritious and effective to the program.

After the completion of the fitness plan, we will follow up with the participants to ensure that they continue with the new disciplines learnt in order to maintain the optimum health and to continue maintaining their new physical appearance. For a further six weeks our follow up will be dedicated to ensuring the participants’ new food plan is maintained by daily delivering the menu we designed to their doorstep (service available only to participant who resides in central London), and hosting special classes and events to continue the training until the fitness cycle is complete and our participants are satisfied with their new physical form and healthy eating habit.

Please browse through our international fitness retreat to get a better idea of what AwakeConBal fitness plan will offer. The fitness plan is a lot more hardcore with more emphasis on military style exercise and highly energetic activities -not for the faint hearted and focuses on instilling strong lifestyle disciplines.

The Rate Of Entire Bespoke Service Package (Includes 6 weeks follow up & Classes):

One Month Comprehensive Fitness Plan With Military Style Discipline & Activities: £14,350.00

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