Unlimited One2One

Activities: Drama & Dress Up, Art & Crafts, Yoga & Dance, Story book adventures, Reading & Numbers, Music & Singing, Social & Food Awareness

A Playgroup designed to give the parent more control, to be present and active in choosing the social environment and educational interactions that best fit their child’s development and growth.

Experiencing and learning through fun creative activities, socially interacting within a small group of children, a sense of deep security in receiving quality care and attention from their primary provider (parent).

Together parent and child will grow and explore the world around them through first time experiences, creating and sharing precious moment that bond them closely together.

The benefits of a parent and child sharing development and growth experiences during the toddler’s foundation years will succeed in creating an unbreakable bond of trust and communication between the parent and the child. These three hours once/twice a week will act as the bricks that will build the foundation of a strong, powerful and loving family life.

Time And Rate Specification

  • Time: Monday To Friday 2pm-5pm Rate @ £60
  • Number Of Parents & Children: Max Of 6 Children And Their Parent Within One Playgroup –Children between 2-5 years.

Aims & Benefits

Food Envoirment Education

  • FEE Playgroups aims to provide a platform for the child and parent to build on trust, communication and deeper balanced connection/bond during the most crucial stage of the mental and social development and growth of the child.
  • FEE Playgroups aims to provide parents who choose to be more attentive to the education and environment of the child with home schooling, a social platform for the child to socially interact in a fun and highly creative classroom environment, supervised by the presence of the parent.
  • The parent will be able to be present, involved and active in the child’s social development, connect to and become aware of the child’s development and growth, by identifying the areas that will need more attention and the ones the child shows a natural aptitude within.
  • FEE Playgroups aims to be a highly educational, creative experience that allows the child to identify with their leader qualities, exude these qualities with confidence and harmony within their social environment. FEE Playgroups focus on increasing creativity, social awareness, social consciousness, health and consumption awareness, gentle discipline of routine and order to increase organisational skills and respect of necessary cycles of change.
  • This approach is adopted because it allows the mental and social development of a child to be FREE to grow and evolve into a new technologically and socially advanced way of life.

In January 2016 we will be hosting visits to our studio for parents and children to meet, and for everyone to find out more about our educational playgroups. Please contact us to choose which day you would like to attend, visits are between 4-6pm.

This Service Is Complimentary With No Obligation To Commit